What is a Smart Piano?
A Smart Piano is a piano with modern technology built into it while preserving the classic characteristics of traditional pianos such as touch, sound, feel and response.

Some of the modern technology built into smart pianos :

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Control via iPhone, iPad, smart phone or PC
  • Use with a variety of apps available on the apple and android stores
  • Live concerts in the comfort of your own home (Disklavier)
  • Virtual real time piano lessons
  • Live piano performance via Disklavier Radio (Disklavier)
  • Play with a wide selection of instrument sounds
  • Multi-Track Recording, built in hard drive for storage
  • Non-contact optical fiber key, hammer, and pedal sensors record every detail of your performances (Disklavier)
  • Record/playback of performances which enable you to listen critically to your own playing
  • Yamaha’s finest acoustic grand piano craftsmanship, plus cutting-edge Disklavier E3 technology (Disklavier)
  • The amazing acoustic construction of a Yamaha Classic Collection grand piano (Disklavier)

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