**SOLD** Dreamy Bergmann 4 foot,11 inch, grand piano, in polished ebony (Hayden)

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Lynnette Mitchell February 17, 2024 2 Min Read

Hayden is a dreamy Bergman 11 inch, 4 foot, grand piano in polished ebony, who’s heart beats with the spirit of Nashville’s diverse and thriving music scene. If you have dreamt of a beautiful baby grand in your home, Hayden is your gal!

Hayden’s story:

Black Grand Piano
Black Grand Piano in water color

In the heart of Nashville there arrived a young woman with dreams as vast as the Tennessee sky. The day the aspiring singer-songwriter stepped onto Broadway street, her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Driven by the echoes of melodies and lyrics she’d crafted, she, like so many others, set out to make her mark on the city’s vibrant music scene. In those first days she purchased a piano with tip money saved from waiting tables back home. She felt an instant connection to its keys beneath her fingertips, and named the instrument Hayden.

From that moment, the girl’s dream became Hayden’s dream. Together they prepared for every open mic night, small venue, and intimate gathering where the girl’s voice and lyrics could weave tales of love, loss, and the simplicity of life. Every performance was a step closer to turning their dream of making it big on the country stage a reality.

But just as their star began to rise an unexpected opportunity presented itself—one that held the promise of a different kind of fulfillment for Hayden’s companion. The girl hesitated, torn between the stage that beckoned and the prospect of a new chapter.

Ultimately, she chose to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, and Hayden, once  enjoying dreams of the country stage, found herself sharing space with blueprints and business plans. 

As time passed, the girl’s business expanded, requiring her to relocate. Nashville, with its vibrant energy and the promise of musical dreams, watched as she packed up her belongings. Hayden, once the heartbeat of her musical journey, was left behind.

Now in quiet solitude Hayden longs for the touch of skilled hands and the warmth of an artist’s heart. The city that witnessed the girl’s pursuit of dreams continues to hum with music, and Hayden, once a part of that symphony, awaits a new home, hoping her melodies will find resonance once more.

Hayden’s name:

Hayden is named after the actress who played Juliette Barnes in the ABC/CMT hit series, Nashville. The talented actress and vocalist who portrayed the fictional character, a young woman chasing country music stardom, did her own performing on the show.

Bergmann Grand Piano front view Bergmann Grand Piano front viewBergmann Logo on Piano FallboardBergmann Grand Piano front view

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