**SOLD** A Piano Named Birdie – Yamaha DGB1KE3 PE 5′ Disklavier Reproducing Piano

Travis Mitchell January 27, 2024 3 Min Read

SOLD Yamaha DGB1KE3 PE Name Birdie

Used Price: $19,995 (Compare to $30,299 New)

Meet Birdie, a lovely polished ebony Yamaha DGB1K, five-foot reproducing baby grand. Birdie features the Yamaha E3 Disklavier System, with a unique ability ability to record and playback any original performance. Originally purchased in New York 12 years ago, she traveled with her  original owner to a new home in the south. A change in circumstances has made this lovely piano available for purchase. You will love this consignment’s clear, bell-like tone and rich bass. Add to that the Yamaha Disklavier Piano library, including Disklavier Radio and Disklavier TV, and Birdie will sing the songs of others at your beck and call.

Birdie’s Story

Once upon a time, in the throes of a big city, there stood a cheery music store. In the heart of this store sat a black piano with a story to tell. Her ebony surface had witnessed countless melodies, her keys had danced beneath the fingers of aspiring musicians, and her sound had filled a home with warmth and music for 12 beautiful years.

Birdie, as she is called, had been adopted by a family who had fallen in love with her clear tones and classic beauty. Birdie had lived in their living room, becoming a silent witness to the family’s laughter, tears, and the gentle hum of daily life. The children had learned to play their first notes on her keys, and the parents had found solace listening to famed artists’ soothing melodies after long days of work.

As the years passed, life took the family on a new journey. They received an opportunity that required them to move to a distant place, and the beloved piano traveled with them. 

Some years later the family’s circumstances changed again, and this time their beloved Birdie could not accompany them. With heavy hearts, they decided it was time to bid farewell to the faithful companion that had been a part of their lives for so long.

The family watched as Birdie was carefully loaded onto a truck bound for a local music store, where they hoped a new family would find her.

As Birdie was wheeled inside, a feeling of nostalgia and anticipation washed over her. The store had a magical aura, filled with instruments whispering tales of melodies and dreams. Birdie found herself surrounded by other pianos, each with its unique story waiting to be told.

The store owner, a wise and kind soul, understood Birdie’s journey. With a nod of approval, he welcomed her into the store, knowing that her story was far from over. Birdie, now in a new chapter, embraces her role with joy, grateful for the memories she’s collected and the ones she will yet create in a new home.

Birdie’s Name

Birdie’s name is a nod to the Beatles song “Blackbird”. In addition to the obvious – her shiny, black appearance and her player feature that allows her to literally sing and play for you, the song’s lyrics seem to echo her story. “Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these sunken eyes and learn to see… Blackbird fly into the light of a dark, black night” speak to the sadness that comes from loss, and the joy that can come when we spread our wings and press forward into the unknown. 


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