SOLD – Mighty Malcolm – The 5′ Story and Clark in Polished Ebony

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Travis Mitchell January 27, 2024 2 Min Read

SOLD – 5′ Story and Clark in Polished Ebony from 2009

Malcolm is a striking Story and Clark, 5 foot grand piano, in a beautiful, ebony polished finish. His tone is powerful and clear, with fantastic projection. Purchased new in 2009, he has been well taken care of and lovingly played by a single owner.

Malcolm’s Story

In the heart of a bustling city, stood Malcolm, a grand piano that held a secret. Malcolm wasn’t just any ordinary instrument; he had powers beyond imagination, lending brilliant tones to every note played on his keys. For years, he had been the centerpiece of enchanting performances by his skilled pianist. Together, they captivated friends and family and spread joy through the magical melodies that seemed to emanate from the very soul of the piano.

The pianist was known far and wide for his spellbinding performances. His fingers danced across the keys, and the harmonious tunes that emerged from the special piano touched the hearts of all who listened. 

Alas, as time marched on, the once robust musician found his fingers slowing and his energy fading.

One evening, after a particularly challenging performance, the pianist laid his hands on Malcolm’s keys for the last time. The melodies, once vibrant and full of life, now carried a bittersweet tone, reflecting the musicians farewell to his cherished companion. The musician’s eyes met Malcolm in a silent exchange of gratitude and love.

As they bid farewell, the gifted Malcolm felt a surge of energy within. He realized that his powers could no longer be confined to the hands of a single musician. Determined to continue his mission of spreading joy and inspiration, he set out on a new journey, determined to  use his superpowers to make the world a better place, one magical melody at a time. In this way the legacy of his lifelong companion, the pianist, would live on, inspiring others to find strength and joy in the power of music.

Malcolm’s Name

Malcolm’s name was inspired by the popular DC comic book series “Superman”, and it’s founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. The names “Story” and “Clark” kept conjuring up images of comic books and the character they call Clark Kent. Like Kent, Malcolm blends in with so many others around him, with nothing really to distinguish him from the rest – That is until what’s beyond his exterior is exposed.

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