**SOLD** Mid-century Chickering console piano in a brown mahogany finish. Manufactured in the US.

Lynnette Mitchell February 17, 2024 2 Min Read

**SOLD** Used Chickering Upright Piano (Lacey)

Built in the 1960’s under the Chickering label, Lacey is a relative to the Chickering pianos built by America’s first piano manufacturer, Chickering and Sons. As such, she boasts an impressive DNA, with many of the innovations and advancements that Chickering has been known for since the 1800’s. Her Brown mahogany cabinet and charming scroll details set her apart from other used pianos in the store. 

Brown piano with lace drape in sepia

Lacey’s story:

Lacey, a Chickering piano from the 1960s, graces our music store with her rich ancestry. Her Great-Great grandparents were some of the first pianos manufactured in the United States, and had a significant influence on the piano’s we play and enjoy today. 

Enriched with an impressive DNA, Lacey is not without her own contributions. She holds within her keys the echoes of a musical journey, a soundtrack to the formative years of a young family. She served as a vessel for the blossoming talent of the children, witnessing the transformation of novice notes into harmonious melodies. 

A daughter and then a son, with their first tentative strokes, explored the world of music, gradually progressing from elementary tunes to more intricate compositions. The piano, with its enduring keys, was a witness to the growth and individuality of each child’s musical expression.

Yet, as time flowed, the children’s interests diversified. The piano, once the centerpiece of their artistic endeavors, gradually faded into the background. Unplayed, she now stands as a silent monument to an era of musical discovery and familial harmony. Her untouched keys, however, retain the memories of countless melodies, a testament to the transformative power of music within the intimate setting of a young family.

Lacey patiently awaits a new home, where her influence can be felt.

Lacey’s name is influenced by the beautiful and unique lace-like scrolls of her music desk.

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