J. Strauss and Son, black ebony upright, with moving history.

Lynnette Mitchell February 17, 2024 2 Min Read

J Strauss and Son Upright Piano (Margaret)

See this polished ebony upright piano with an endearing story. If you have a soft spot for nostalgia, if you have felt the bonds of family, if music moves you – you’ll  want to meet her, read the letter from her previous owner and, should you choose to take her home, leave a letter of your own. Margaret is being sold as-is. 

Margaret’s Story (from details shared by the owner):

In the quiet town of Ashland, Tennessee, Gino faced the most challenging decision of his life. Growing up in Connecticut, Gino’s mother had been his pillar of strength. Despite their financial struggles, his mother saw Gino’s love for music and, against all odds, scraped together enough money to buy a piano, providing the opportunity to learn to play.

This piano wasn’t just a musical instrument; it was a testament to a mother’s  unwavering love and determination. The day Gino loaded it onto the moving truck to start a new life in Tennessee was etched in his memory. The effort took its toll, with Gino sustaining nerve damage in his hands, but they made it to Tennessee, ready to start anew.

Fast forward to the present, and Gino found himself at a crossroads. As a top-line writer in the music industry, his focus had shifted to creating melodies on a MIDI controller. The piano, once the center of his world, now stood in the corner, collecting dust. Life had thrown unexpected curves, and Gino, now accompanied only by his senior cat, faced the daunting task of selling the home in Ashland.

The piano, a symbol of dreams and memories, had become a relic of Gino’s past. His mother’s passing from cancer in 2021 had added an extra layer of sentimentality to the instrument. It was time to part ways, but Gino couldn’t bear the thought of the piano ending up neglected.

With a heavy heart, he penned a letter to potential buyers, sharing the piano’s rich history. The sacrifices his mother made, the nerve damage from moving it, the dreams he had poured into its keys – all laid out in words that resonated with the melodies of his life.

The hope being that as potential buyers read his heartfelt letter, the piano would become more than just a piece of furniture. It was his mother’s legacy, Gino’s dreams, and a vessel of stories waiting to be written. Gino imagined someone, perhaps a budding musician or a family with a deep appreciation for the arts, taking on the responsibility of caring for this cherished piano.

He dreamed of the piano finding a new home, a place where it would be named and loved. Whether it played beautiful music or simply served as a reminder of a family’s journey, Gino hoped that the piano would continue to resonate with the love, dreams, and memories it held.

The decision to let go wasn’t easy, but Gino believed that in passing on this cherished instrument, a new chapter would unfold – one where the piano continued to tell stories, albeit with a different storyteller at its helm.

The Piano’s name:

The piano is respectfully named Margaret, after Gino’s mother.

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