How To Tell If Your Child Is Musically Gifted

Finding out that your child has an interest in music is an exciting thing. Here's how to tell if your child is musically gifted:

Miller Piano Specialists November 12, 2021 3 Min Read

If you’re a parent in the Nashville area with a child showing interest in music, you might be wondering if your child has the potential to excel at their instrument. As we all know, music holds a special place in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Here’s how to tell if your little Nashvillian is musically gifted.

1. You Catch Them Humming/Singing Tunes Constantly

One of the first signs of a musically gifted child is their tendency to hum or sing tunes constantly. Whether it’s a catchy tune they heard at a local Nashville event or a popular song from the radio, their developing minds are excellent at absorbing and reproducing these melodies.

2. They Spend Long Periods of Time On An Instrument

Like many great musicians from the Nashville area, musically-gifted children are often drawn to their instruments. If you find your child spending hours exploring sounds and recreating melodies on the piano, this could be an indication of their exceptional musical interest and potential talent.

musically gifted

3. They Notice When A Song or Instrument Is Out Of Tune

Children who have an innate musical gift often have an exceptional ear for music. They can notice when a song or an instrument is out of tune, a quality shared by many professional musicians who’ve graced the stages of Nashville’s esteemed music venues. If this sounds like your child, we suggest you begin budgeting for those music lessons soon!

4. They Exhibit a Natural Understanding of Rhythm and Melody

Musical talent often comes effortlessly and naturally to many, and part of this is understanding rhythm. For example, if your child can tap their foot to the beat of a country tune or a blues riff, just like the music often heard around Middle Tennessee, they likely have a firm grasp of musical rhythm. Although having a good rhythm alone may not be the best judgment on whether or not your child has musical talent, it is a sign!

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5. They Regularly Listen to or Talk About Music

Last on our list of how to tell if your child is musically inclined is that they often listen to or talk about music. For instance, if your child is constantly asking you to turn the radio on or bugging you to play their favorite song, you should be paying attention! Musically inclined kids tend to find stimulation from music than from any other activity they might do, which is a strong indication they have a unique ear for music.


It’s important to remember that regardless of one’s level of talent, music is for everyone to enjoy, especially in a place as musically vibrant as Nashville. If you believe your child is interested in playing the piano, we at Miller Piano Specialists, located conveniently in Franklin, TN, can help you find the right piano. Visit us Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and let’s explore the joy of music together, while following all safety guidelines. We are here for you and your child’s musical journey.

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