Discover the Magic of Yamaha’s B Series Silent Pianos

Discover the unique qualities and innovative features of the Yamaha B-series SC2 - all part of Yamaha's groundbreaking Silent Piano line

Miller Piano Specialists June 9, 2023 3 Min Read

Located just outside the vibrant music city of Nashville, Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin, TN, is proud to play a key role in the region’s thriving musical culture. We believe in the transformative power of music and strive to make it accessible to everyone in the greater Nashville area. To achieve this, we offer a diverse range of Yamaha Pianos, focusing specifically on the advanced b1, b2, and b3 series, favorites among Nashville’s discerning musicians. Today, we’re delving into the unique attributes and cutting-edge features of the Yamaha b1 SC2, b2 SC2, and b3 SC2, all integral members of Yamaha’s revolutionary Silent Piano line.

The Marvel of a Silent Piano

Yamaha’s Silent Piano is a revolutionary concept that combines the richness of acoustic pianos with the convenience of digital ones. When the SILENT Piano™ function is activated, the piano’s hammers cease to strike the strings, and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys, converting them into digital signals. This allows you to play an acoustic piano with headphones, providing the opportunity for 24-hour practice without disturbing others. It’s the perfect choice for those who want the authentic touch of a traditional piano, but with the added flexibility of silent play.

B2 SC2 Silent Piano

Yamaha b1 SC2: The Accessible Entry Point

The b1 SC2 offers a remarkable blend of Yamaha’s high standards and affordability. While staying true to the quality of a traditional Yamaha piano, the b1 SC2 adds a silent system that transforms it into an even more versatile instrument. This piano is available in finishes like Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Chrome, and Polished White, and also includes a matching bench. The compact dimensions make it an excellent choice for smaller spaces while still offering the experience of playing a full-sized instrument.

Learn more about the Yamaha b1 SC2 here

Yamaha b2 SC2: The Superior Choice for the Ambitious Performer

The b2 SC2 is designed for those who desire a rich, superior sound without compromising on budget. It takes the robust sound of the standard b2 and adds the convenience of silent play. Larger dimensions and heavier construction contribute to an increased depth and volume, making it an excellent instrument for the ambitious performer seeking an immersive musical experience. The b2 SC2 comes in a variety of finishes such as Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Chrome, Polished Mahogany, Polished American Walnut, and Polished White, allowing you to choose the one that fits your aesthetic preference the best.

Learn more about the Yamaha b2 SC2 here

Yamaha b3 SC2: The Professional Standard with Silent Play

Finally, the b3 SC2 seamlessly integrates professional standards with Yamaha’s innovative silent play technology. This model provides an unparalleled level of sound quality and playability, keeping the b series’ design philosophy of value and affordability intact. The b3 SC2 is available in various finishes like Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Chrome, Polished Mahogany, Polished American Walnut, and Polished White, providing an elevated musical experience, all while preserving the peace of your surroundings.

Learn more about the Yamaha b3 SC2 here


In conclusion, the Yamaha b1 SC2, b2 SC2, and b3 SC2 Silent Pianos are a testament to Yamaha’s dedication to innovation, quality, and affordability. Experience the magic of these silent pianos and embark on a unique musical journey with the flexibility and convenience that these instruments offer.

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