Why Every Nashville Vocalist Should Learn Piano

If you're a vocalist in Nashville, you've probably considered learning an instrument at some point. Here's why you should learn piano.

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Miller Piano Specialists August 3, 2022 3 Min Read

If you’re a vocalist in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area, you’ve probably considered learning an instrument at some point. You may have even felt intimidated by it. We’re here to let you know that you can learn an instrument, and you should! There are endless reasons why learning an instrument such as the piano benefits you as a vocalist. In this article, we’ll go over why every vocalist should learn piano, particularly if you are located in Nashville or Middle Tennessee.

Practice Vocal Exercises With the Piano

As a vocalist, vocal exercises are a must. You may use YouTube videos as your warmups, which is fine. However, using a piano to warmup up your vocals is even better! Your piano abilities can serve as the foundation for your exercises. Working chromatically and in ascending pitch? Playing fundamental chords eliminates the guesswork in striking those notes directly and puts you in the appropriate key when using them as a foundation for exercises.

Accompany Yourself While Singing 

Nashville Vocalist Learn Piano

Another benefit of knowing how to play the piano is being able to accompany yourself while singing. Again, having others play behind you is fine, but there is something special about being able to sing and play yourself. Whether you’re practicing at home or performing at a venue in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, accompanying yourself on piano can truly elevate your performance.

Playing the piano and singing also allows you to direct how you want the song to go. You can choose the rhythm, the feel, the tempo, and the length. You are the vocalist, and you are the one creating the song on your terms. Even if it’s only you and your piano, that is enough to perform an incredible song. Combining your vocals and the piano allows you to be your complete self.

Piano Is Beginner Friendly

As we just discussed, a band can consist of a piano and your vocals. The piano’s percussive nature is its strongest feature. You generally expect the sound produced when you press a key. There is no awkward stage where everything sounds terrible, to begin with, as you learn how to get a good sound (like with a guitar)! The piano is enjoyable right away and doesn’t require much expertise.

It Helps You Understand Music Theory

young lady smiling, writing, listening to music with computer in the backgroundUnderstanding music theory means understanding how music works. Being a great vocalist doesn’t only mean being able to sound nice but also working seamlessly with the music you’re singing with. This may come naturally for some, and you may need to try a little harder for others!

You can build your musical knowledge on a simple foundation by learning to play the piano. You have an advantage over classmates who don’t play an instrument if you do. Being able to play numerous instruments increases your value as a band member. You’ll have more tools to write songs, collaborate with other musicians, and effectively discuss music theory in the Nashville and Franklin, TN music scenes.


So, are you ready to learn the piano? We believe that you can become an incredible musician and vocalist by learning the piano. You’ve got this! We hope you enjoyed reading this article on why every Nashville vocalist should learn the piano.

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