Can You Be Too Old to Learn Piano? Not at All, and Here’s How

Can you be too old to learn the piano? There's no such thing as too old! Here are some tips to learn the instrument in your adult years.

Miller Piano Specialists March 8, 2020 3 Min Read

You have probably heard the phrase “start them young.” And this phrase is not wrong. It’s much better to train at an early age so that by your teen and young adult years, you’re already an expert at a specific skill. But what if you just realized that fact when you’re already an adult? For you, there’s also the phrase, “you’re never too old to learn something.” So can you be too old to learn the piano? Not at all. If you’re aiming to perfect your piano-playing skills, here’s how to learn to play the piano when you’re at an adult age.

Set Your Goal

First of all, you need to know what do you want to achieve as someone who plays the piano. Is it a passion of yours that was placed in the backburner? Or is it something you want to learn to impress your friends and family? Regardless of why you want to learn, set it right away. Your goal helps you keep your motivation and focus high, as this is something that you should look forward to.

You Need A Piano Tutor

In this day and age, you can always find video tutorials all over the internet, Youtube, online lessons, etc. But, it’s much better if someone can check on your progress physically. That said, you need a teacher. Apart from guiding you on how to play the piano, your teacher can also be your support system and your accountability buddy to push you to perfect your skills.

Your teacher should start guiding you on how to play the basics, especially if you haven’t tinkered on the keys for a very long time. The basics of the piano are crucial as not knowing how to play the piano the correct way can make or break you. Also, a piano teacher forces you to schedule your lessons. Not being able to plan a schedule may delay your regular practice, and excuses may enter the conversation.

That being said, there’s no need to pressure yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. It’s a new skill you’re trying to acquire, and that takes a lot of patience. So when you’re not really getting it just quite yet, don’t get discouraged. You’ll be able to master the basics gradually. And to learn it faster, a piano teacher can help you with that.

Enjoy Every Moment Of It

Learning how to play the piano has its ups and downs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while learning it. Passion and enthusiasm can overthrow talent any day, so remember to enjoy every moment of it as your piano skills progress.

So how to make piano lessons more fun or interesting? Ask your piano teacher to let you practice a music piece you enjoy playing. One misconception about piano lessons is that you should start learning the classical pieces – that isn’t always the case. Although it’s great to learn the classic piano pieces, there’s no rule that modern ones are not allowed. If you like a pop song to start, then go for it. However, go for simple melodies at first, so you won’t find it too challenging to learn.

Once you have reached a milestone, like finishing the basic course or mastering a specific piece, go ahead and celebrate! Celebrating your improvement is an important thing to do, as it encourages you to keep furthering your skills.

Start Now

So, can you be too old to learn the piano? Not at all, time is going by slowly!

The uphill battle against procrastination is real in everything, including learning the piano. Don’t wait for the right moment to learn the piano; it may never come. Talk to a piano teacher right away and ask for a schedule to start your initial lessons. So, is it too late? No, but you won’t get there unless you do something about it. If you’re looking for piano lessons in Franklin, Tennessee, click on the link to talk to one right now.

We hope we answered the question, “Can you be too old to learn the piano?” If you want to learn, and need your own piano to practice at home, check out these new and used pianos – you might find the right one for you!

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