The Difference Between: Yamaha CLP and CVP

Both the Yamaha CLP and CVP series are Clavinovas, so what's the difference between the Yamaha CLP and CVP series in general?

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Miller Piano Specialists April 2, 2021 3 Min Read

Over the last decade, digital pianos’ popularity has skyrocketed, being led by the Yamaha Clavinova series. Digital pianos allow players to play and enjoy the digital piano like a real acoustic piano and control the volume, use different sounds, play with headphones, and so much more. Of course, both the Yamaha CLP and CVP pianos are so desirable, but what’s the difference? All the pianos within the Yamaha CLP and CVP series are Clavinovas, so what’s the difference between the Yamaha CLP and CVP series in general? Let’s find out:

What’s The Difference?

In a general statement, the main difference between the Yamaha CLP and CVP is their features. The CVP Clavinovas have many more features on them that allow the player to be creative and have a massive range of different sounds on just one piano.  The CLP range is all about offering players a genuine and authentic piano playing experience. To do this, the CLP has the same feeling and sound as an acoustic piano. That’s not to say that the CVPs don’t have an acoustic sound as well. The first digital piano in the CVP range is the CVP701, and it has the same keyboard action and main piano sounds as the Yamaha CLP625 and 635.

Sounds and Voices

The CVPs offer more sounds and voices than the CLPs. The CVP701 has 777 different voices and 29 different drum sounds. So if you’re looking for an instrument that can emulate a wide range of sounds, then the CVP could be the perfect piano for you.  While there are a few different sounds available on the CLPs, the focus is more on the piano sound and feel. Forty-nine of the voices on the CVP701 are what Yamaha calls Super Articulation voices. These voices include human nuances that help make the voices sound more realistic. The Super Articulation voices sound like they’re coming from real people and not from a piano. Along with a multitude of sounds, you’ll get hundreds of effects options and an equalizer to get the perfect sound you want.

Backing and Accompaniments

With the CVP, you can jam along with virtual players in 40 different music styles. These players will follow your playing dynamics. You can also control a wide range of Accompaniment Styles in whatever music genre you enjoy and oversee every part of it with the Yamaha CVP Clavinova.

Which One Do I Choose?

Although most of these digital pianos look similar on the surface, there are many differences. If you’re looking for a classic sound and incredible playing feelings, then the CLP600 series could be the perfect fit for you.  If you’re looking for a digital piano that will give you a wide range of creative sounds and options, then the CVPs are perfect for you. Both the CLPs and CVPs are incredible instruments, and it’s no wonder why the Yamaha Clavinova series is now more popular than ever.


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