Some of the Best Yamaha Digital Pianos Of 2020

Yamaha's pianos are an excellent option for those looking for quality. Here are some of the best Yamaha digital pianos of 2020

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Miller Piano Specialists November 22, 2020 3 Min Read

For over a century, Yamaha Pianos has been creating and delivering some of the best pianos. Today, Yamaha is the world’s largest piano manufacturing company. Yamaha’s Digital pianos are an excellent option for those looking for quality, saving money and space. Let’s take a look at just some of the best Yamaha digital pianos of 2020:

1. Yamaha Clavinova CSP-170

The Clavinova CSP-170 is as luxurious as it gets for digital pianos. Playing this digital piano offers a great experience. It has a gorgeous cabinet and is well put together like a real acoustic piano. The CSP-270 has graded hammer action keys, and they are real wood keys, which adds to the natural feel and sound of the piano.

The CSP-170 uses Yamahas Stereophonic Optimizer and CFX Sound Engine and with the Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano sound. The Bösendorferhas a beautiful and unique tone. This piano also includes more voices than most digital pianos, with 692 voices and 29 drum/SFX kits. The voices include pianos, electric pianos, flutes, organs, and percussion. There’s also a whopping 470 accompaniment presets for play-along practice. It has USB connectivity for your smart device and accessing lots of content via the Smart Pianist app.

Yamaha Clavinova
  • CFX sound engine and Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano sound
  • Real wood graded hammer action keys
  • Authentic piano experience.
  • Smart Pianist app.
  • A vast amount of voices and accompaniments.


2. Yamaha Clavinova CVP-705 

The Yamaga CVP-705 is the perfect piano for every individual, despite skill, level, or age. So if you’re looking for the ideal piano to start your piano journey, this is the one. This digital piano is a high-quality keyboard with linear graded hammer actions, making it easy and convenient to play.

The best thing about this piano is how comfortable and natural it feels to play, almost as if it was an acoustic piano. It also incorporates 984 instrumental voices that can help you enhance your performances. You can not only practice and perform but record yourself playing. It comes in various finishes that give it a perfect look. One of these colors is the black walnut finish, which offers an elegant appearance.

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-705
  • Authentic Piano Experience
  • 984 Instrumental Voices
  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Linear graded hammer action
  • Various finishes


3. Yamaha P-115

The Yamaha P-115 is part of the P- series, another of Yamaha’s best-selling entry-level lines. The P-115 is one of the more popular digital pianos because they are affordable, user-friendly, and authentic.

It has Yamaha’s Pure CF sampling of a 9-foot CFIIIS concert level grand piano. The P-115 also has GHS action weighted keys, which give a more accurate response and add a more expressive, dynamic quality. It features onboard digital signal processing to mimic damper resonance for a realistic tone. 

Yamaha P-115
  • Authentic Piano Experience
  • 88 GHS action keys.
  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Comes as a bundle with everything you could possibly want as a practicing pianist.


4. Yamaha P-125

The Yamaha P-125 is a very affordable and nice-sounding digital piano. The P-125 has a total of 88 GHS weighted action keys, which is very beneficial. This piano’s sound has an acoustic sound and damper resonance, which sound samples come from the CF, the world’s best concert grand pianos.

The P-125 offers a USB to host functions and a Smart Pianist app. The app allows you to store your songs and iOS link up. It comes with a small bundle of essentials, like an adjustable stand, dust cover, bench, and a sustain pedal.

Yamaha P-125
  • Lower price range product.
  • GHS weighted action.
  • Pure CF sound.
  • IAC.
  • Smart Pianist App



All in all, Yamaha has some of the best pianos in the world, and each has so much to offer. We hope you enjoyed reading on some of the best Yamaha digital pianos of 2020! If you’re looking to buy your dream Yamaha piano, we can help you!

If you have any questions about where to buy a piano for the best price, we are open! Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We are happy to help you in person again, using all the guidelines we have been provided. We are here for you.

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