Sneaky Ways You May Be Ruining Your Piano

Knowing how to take care of your piano is just as important as knowing how to play it. Here are sneaky ways you may be ruining your piano.

Miller Piano Specialists August 10, 2022 2 Min Read

It’s crucial to develop your piano skills if you want to be a pianist. However, it’s just as important to understand how to take care of your instrument. Maintaining your piano properly gives you more time to enjoy it, ensures that it sounds excellent, and a lot more. Here are some sneaky ways you may be ruining your piano.

1. Turning Your Piano Into A Shelf

piano used as shelf

On top of a piano, a fine vase of flowers can look attractive, but the risks exceed the benefits by a wide margin. It would cost a fortune to repair the piano if the vase tips and spills water inside. The tone of your music may also be negatively impacted by heavier things placed on top of the piano by creating unnatural vibrations. Only sheet music and a metronome should be placed on a keyboard.

2. Cleaning Your Piano With the Wrong Products

Your piano’s exterior is quite simple to maintain clean. The easiest and safest way to remove dust and fingerprints during normal usage and play is with a clean, lightly wet piece of fine knit fabric. You should use a microfiber polishing cloth to gently wipe high-polish finishes. Here are a few things you should AVOID doing to your piano:

  • Waxing and polishing are not advised since they can cause buildup that qualified professionals can remove safely. Regularly clean your piano’s keyboard with a delicate cloth that has been only very slightly wet with water.
  • Never let moisture between the keys, as this might cause swelling and restrict the free movement of the keys.
  • Never use any solvent to clean your Steinway piano’s black or white keys since they could harm the delicate finish.

3. You’re Not Giving It Space to Breath

old piano

Your piano needs ventilation to stay healthy, but the wrong kind of ventilation might harm it. You must be cautious while deciding where to put your piano. The piano should have adequate and reliable airflow coming from all sides.

The piano can be positioned in the middle of the room or against the wall dividing the two rooms. Because natural ventilation is too unpredictable, keep the piano away from exterior walls and windows.


So, are you ready to take care of your piano the right way? We believe that you can become an incredible pianist with these simple tips! We hope you enjoyed reading about these sneaky ways you may be ruining your piano. 

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