New Year’s Resolution: Learning the Piano

New year's resolution: Learning the piano. Here's why you should consider learning the piano this next new year: 

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Miller Piano Specialists December 19, 2021 3 Min Read

New year’s resolution: Learning the piano. The beginning of a new year can be the beginning of many things in one’s life. The new year can mean new hobbies, interests, goals, etc. One of the best new year’s resolutions anyone could choose is to learn to play the piano. In this blog, we’ve compiled a few reasons why you should consider learning the piano this next new year: 

Why Should I Learn the Piano?

Well, if you’re reading this, it probably means you have at least somewhat of an interest in learning the piano. There are many great reasons to start learning the piano. Check out just a few great reasons to play the piano: 

  • It brings pure joy to you and those around you.
  • Playing the piano improves concentration, time management, and perseverance. 
  • It has been shown to improve emotional intelligence and raise memory capacity. 

And if you find yourself thinking that some people “have what it takes” or that there are “naturally talented,” stop now! This is just a myth.

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Why Should I Start Learning Piano Now?

We’ve all said it at some point in our lives, “I’ll start later.” The reality is, there will never be a “right” time to start the piano. Whether it’s business, work, kids, or feeling incapable, those are all things that can keep you from beginning the best journey of your life! So, start your piano journey today. Your future self will thank you. 

How To Start Learning Piano

There are many ways, tricks, and guides to learn the piano. The best way to begin is by finding your learning style and sticking to it. Check out these piano learning tips:

  1. Set a goal. Make a specific goal and avoid setting a vague one. For example, try choosing a particular song to learn by a particular date. You should always have long-term goals, but you can only reach those by taking baby steps. 
  2. Choose a learning method. Your learning method will look different than others. For example, you could enjoy and thrive with traditional in-person lessons or with video tutorials. The best way to choose a suitable learning method is by sticking to what you enjoy the most.
  3. Take it one day at a time. Many times, a new year’s resolutions can be exciting and fresh in the beginning. And then, life happens. This is why it;’s essential to take your piano learning one day at a time. For example, begin by taking 20 minutes out of your day for piano practice. It may not seem like much, but consistency will take you farther than you think.
  4. Play what you love. Lastly, play what you enjoy! Music is meant for enjoyment, emotion, growth, all things! So amid hard work, dedication, and practice time, remember to love playing the piano. This way, you will stop yourself from losing faith or getting bored. 


So, are you ready to tackle the new year with confidence? We hope you enjoyed reading “New Year’s Resolution: Learning the Piano.”

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