How To Write A Song

Writing a song is a great way to express oneself, but it can be challenging. Here are some tips to help write a song.

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Miller Piano Specialists May 30, 2020 3 Min Read

Have you ever tried to write a song before? Have you ever given up? Writing a song is one of the best ways humans can express themselves, but it’s not always easy. What do you want your song to say? How do you make it unique? To make it simple, writing a song is just making simple choices. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to write a song:


Have you ever heard a song that made you feel an emotion? When you’re writing your song, you can make someone else feel something too. Here’s the thing: You don’t have to feel that particular emotion when writing your song. You may be writing a sad song, but you don’t have to BE sad when you’re writing it. So, before you write your song, make sure to choose what feeling and emotion you want the song to have. Is it happy, sad, excited, heartbroken, angry, or hopeful? Choose the mood of the song, and then move onto the melody of your song.


Melody and lyrics go hand in hand, and both can be very powerful. You can either start with writing the words and then the melody, or vise versa. If you love music, you can most probably find a good chord progression that you like easily. So once you choose your emotion, the melody will make that emotion come to life.

If you’re writing a happy/ hopeful song, you will want to use major chords. If you’re writing a sad/angry song, you will want to use minor chords. However, don’t be scared to think outside of the box and create something different from the typical. There are endless possibilities when writing your song. So if you want to use minor chords for a happy song, go for it. Be creative and don’t put yourself in a box.

Check out this video explaining how to play Major Vs. Minor Chords:


Title & Lyrics

The title that you chose is like the main idea and focus of your song, so choose wisely. Like a book, the title of a song can determine if someone will listen to it or not. Try to choose a title that speaks the same emotion of your song and has an action verb in it. 

When it comes to the lyrics, make sure that every verse has a purpose in the song. You don’t have to be a poet to write a song; you need authenticity. Once you have your lyrics, say them out loud along with your melody. This way, you’ll find the natural rhythm of your song. For the chorus, write words that emphasize your title and the emotion in your song. When writing your bridge, this is the point of the song that makes the listener take a deep breath. The bridge can be soft and simple, or it can be the highest part of the song. 

Put It Together

Once you choose your emotion, melody, and lyrics, put them all together. Writing a song can either take 10 minutes or even a few days. Whatever it looks like for you, don’t give up on your song. Keep making the verse, chorus, and bridge better and keep making changes if you need to. Writing a song is a way for humans to express themselves in a different language. 


We hope that you enjoyed these simple tips on how to write a song. Remember to think outside of the box! If you have any questions about where to buy a piano for the best price, we are open! Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We are happy to help you in person again, using all the guidelines we have been provided. We are here for you.

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