How To Tell If Someone Is Really Good At The Piano

There's a difference between a hobby piano player and a good piano player. So, how do you tell if someone is really good at the piano?

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Miller Piano Specialists July 18, 2021 3 Min Read

There is a difference between someone playing a song they learned through a YouTube video and someone who is actually good at playing the piano. There is absolutely nothing wrong with learning how to play a song through a YouTube video. However, there is a difference between someone who knows songs on the piano and someone who is growing in their piano craft. So, how do you tell if someone is really good at the piano? Let’s find out:

They Can Play With A Metronome

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Playing along with a metronome is one of the most telling skills a musician can do. When playing with a metronome, it will tell you if you have great timing or maybe even tell you if you need some improvement.

As a musician or piano player, if you have a hard time playing along with a band or a metronome, then it is something that you should work on. If someone just plays the piano as a hobby, they will probably be somewhat lost when playing with a metronome. So, how do you tell if someone is really good at the piano?  A more serious piano player will usually already be using a metronome in their practice time.

They Learn From Making Mistakes

If someone is a mature piano player, you will see that they are okay with learning from their mistakes. More serious piano players will take their time to find the mistake, fix it, and work on it. A mature piano player understands that learning to master the piano takes time, patience, and learning from mistakes along the way.

In contrast, someone who may not be as serious about piano playing might become frustrated with their mistakes. Frequently, people tend to give up playing the piano because they feel stuck or like they’re not getting better because of their mistakes. These people will often either give up or just stay in their comfortable space. However, the mistakes are usually when a pianist does the most growing.

They Can Play With Emotions and Dynamics

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A great piano player can play with dynamics and emotion to translate the feeling of the music they are playing. A piano player who plays with dynamics is a pianist who has excellent control over the keys and the pedals. Although this may take some time for a beginner to master, it makes all the difference in the world from a regular piano player to a great piano player. But, why?

Dynamics not only make the music sound more alive, but they convey emotion to the listener. A great piano player will learn how to put all the feeling into what they’re playing.

For example, many people have beautiful and impressive voices. However, you can tell the difference when you hear someone sing and make you feel something. The same analogy works with the piano. So if you want to become a great piano player, take the time to learn how to make your piano speak to your audience.

They Use Technical Terms

Last but not least, a good piano player understands the technical terms to use. For example, they typically understand words like “dynamics” or “quarter notes.” Great piano players understand the basics of music theory to learn their music better and communicate with other musicians well.

If you’ve ever been new to playing with a band, you understand that the “music language” is very different from what you may have been used to. Learning skills like music theory, technical music terms, and even the Nashville Number System can elevate you as a piano player.


So, what kind of piano player are you? We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on how to tell if someone is really good at the piano! If you’re looking to buy your dream piano, come check us out at Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin, TN!

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