How To Motivate Your Child To Practice Piano

Piano lessons can help youngsters develop discipline, focus, and a love of music. Here is how to motivate your child to practice piano:

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Miller Piano Specialists May 9, 2022 3 Min Read

Piano lessons can help youngsters develop discipline, focus, and a love of music, but getting them to practice isn’t always easy. Every piano teacher has encountered students who refuse to practice. You want them to learn and appreciate the piano as a child, but how can you encourage them to put in the time and effort required to perfect it? Here is how to motivate your child to practice piano:

Create a Routine

Making practicing the piano a part of your child’s daily or weekly routine is one of the easiest methods to get kids to practice playing the piano. It should be something they expect to happen every day, like eating lunch and brushing their teeth. Daily practice, whether right after school, later in the evening, or even first thing in the morning, can help kids develop discipline and structure habits that will endure far into adulthood.

Keep Practice Time Low-Stress

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Practice time, on the other hand, should not be stressful. Piano teachers frequently assign pieces to their students to practice, but keep in mind that children also like having fun. Playing an instrument should be enjoyable, so don’t force your children to practice the music they’ve been given. Allow them to play whatever they want for a day or two each week. Some musically inclined children may even attempt to compose their music.

Don’t Be Too Focused on Length of Time

Avoid forcing your children to practice every single minute of their practice session. This can make the practice seem like a chore or an unfair, drawn-out task. Instead, let them play for as long as they’re excited. There may be days they don’t want to practice at all. These days, let them know that they should at least play a few songs to keep in the habit. If nothing else, tell them they can have an extra reward or another small prize if they practice for even ten minutes.

Studying with Piano Teachers Is a Special Opportunity

Another technique to encourage your child to practice the piano is to explain how taking piano lessons is a unique experience. Discuss how the ability to play music is a valuable skill that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. If you play music, tell your child about how much you appreciate music and share stories of when music played a significant role in your life. You could even take your child to a local concert so they can experience how much fun it is to be a professional pianist.

Be Involved

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However, piano lessons and practice aren’t just for your child. It also allows you to participate in something they’re doing. You can play along with them if you play the piano. If you don’t, this is your chance to catch up with them. Allow your youngster to teach you a song or the fundamentals of the piano. This allows you to spend valuable time together while teaching you how to play the piano and reinforce your courses.

Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Finally, congratulate your children on their achievements. It’s crucial to celebrate even the smallest triumphs when learning to play an instrument. This is especially true at first when simply playing a few notes might be challenging. When your child achieves important milestones, offer words of encouragement regularly and do something special, such as obtaining an ice cream cone.


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