How To Have Amazing Stage Presence As a Pianist

Being on stage can be daunting if you have little to no experience. Here's how to have amazing stage presence as a pianist: 

Miller Piano Specialists November 25, 2022 2 Min Read

Being on stage can be daunting if you have little to no experience. So, how can you gain confidence and captivate your audience while being on the piano? There are countless ways to go about growing your confidence on stage, and each pianist is different than another. Here’s how to have amazing stage presence as a pianist:

Is Stage Presence As A Pianist Important?

Whether you’re part of a band as a pianist or are a solo piano player, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: is stage presence as a pianist important? A keyboard player’s stage presence is much like the drummer’s. However, the main difference is that a pianist isn’t hiding behind huge metal sticks and cymbals. It’s essential to remember that the audience cannot see what or how you’re playing on your instrument. So, stage presence as a pianist is very important, and body language should compensate. Here are some pianist stage presence tips that you can practice and keep in mind:

Body Language

  • Being intentional in letting your shoulders and elbows relax can take a long way in overcoming any stage fright you may have.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your free hand (when the song permits) to show expressions!
  • Avoid only looking down at your piano/ hands while performing, as this can disengage your audience. Changing where you look can go a long way. For example, look at the audience, face your band members, look around the room, etc.
  • A quick confidence tip: Spread your legs wider and tap your knee or foot with an upbeat tempo. This is a simple way to engage your body with the music; it looks like you’re just having fun!
  • Never pass up an opportunity to interact with other musicians, especially the lead singer and guitarist, through eye contact or body language.
  • Faking confidence will only get you so far, so remember to truly enjoy what you’re doing, and your body language will follow!

Musical Engagement

  • Pointing out guitar players when they play their solos creates an exciting scene. You can also point to lead singers or the audience to engage them in the song!
  • If you are a pianist in a bad, don’t underestimate the power of singing along with important parts of the songs, even if you are not backing vocals and don’t have a mic in front of you. This invites the audience to feel a part of the experience with you!
  • Play the keyboard like a percussion instrument when the music permits. What do we mean by this? Watch this video on how to play your piano like a percussionist:


Remember that every performer and pianist is unique and different. Begin your performance skills by getting comfortable with your instrument and yourself! We hope you enjoyed these tips on having an amazing stage presence as a pianist.

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