How To Get Your Piano Winter-Ready

While you prepare your vehicle or home for winter, you should also prepare your piano/ keyboard. Here's a few ways on how to get your piano winter-ready:

Miller Piano Specialists October 22, 2020 2 Min Read

The cold winter months are just around the corner, which means it may take a toll on your piano’s components. While you prepare your vehicle or home for winter, you should also prepare your piano/keyboard. Here are a few ways on how to get your piano winter-ready:

Place Your Piano In the Right Place 

Believe it or not, there are right and wrong places you should keep your piano! Avoid placing your pianos in areas of your home that are too hot/cold, or near frequently opened doors, and near a fire/furnace. Another place to avoid putting your piano by is large windows. Direct sunlight that touches your instrument can cause interior damage and discoloration to the pianos finish. 

Keep Humidity In the Room

black and white piano keys

Naturally, pianos will fall out of tune, and the wood will dry up during the cold months because of the lack of humidity. The dry air will decrease the strings’ tension, which causes cracks, flat notes, etc. For a quick and relatively easy fix, use a humidifier unit where you keep your piano. If you want to go a step further, you can use a humidity gauge to see the same humidity levels in the air! This step could save you some trouble in the future! 

Tune Your Piano

Having your piano well-maintained and tuned at least twice a year is crucial for the health of your piano. A great way to stay on top of tuning is to time your pianos tune-up’s around seasonal changes, like Spring and Winter. To go the extra mile, you can get a piano technician to tune your piano according to your home’s humidity and temperature levels.

Extra Care-Tips:

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All it takes to keep your piano healthy is to get in the habit of regular maintenance habits. It’s also important to note that you should not clean your piano’s interior or do any fixes it may need on your own. Although it’s tempting, it’s safer to get a piano technician to do the job correctly. Here are some extra care-tips that you can do weekly that are easy and free:

  • Dust exterior regularly
  • Cover the piano keys to prevent dust from accumulating
  • Play your piano regularly
  • Avoid placing liquid near your piano


We hope you enjoyed reading on how to get your piano winter-ready! And if you’re looking to buy your dream Yamaha piano, we can help you!

If you have any questions about where to buy a piano for the best price, we are open! Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We are happy to help you in person again, using all the guidelines we have been provided. We are here for you.

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