7 Pop Songs To Learn On Piano For Beginners

Most Pop music today has an effortless flow, which makes it easy learn. Here are the best 7 pop songs to learn on the piano for beginners:

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Learning to play the piano is a journey, and making sure you are growing and challenging yourself is essential. But sometimes, it’s important to have fun through the journey and even learn an easy pop song on the piano. Most pop music today has an effortless flow and chord structure, which makes it easy and relaxing to learn and play. So if you’re looking for some new tunes to learn, here are the best 7 pop songs to learn on the piano for beginners:

Clocks – Coldplay

“Clocks” is one of the biggest hits the band Coldplay has released, and it has an unforgettable piano hook. Chris Martin is known as one of the best piano pop artists and starts off the song with a piano riff that sounds difficult, but its relatively easy to play. It includes three simple arpeggios. The key is to begin by slowing down and practicing the riff and slowly getting it up to speed.

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

“What A Wonderful World,” the staple of American culture. This song has been featured in many movies and musicals and is a popular song that musicians cover. There are many ways and levels of capability that can be played with this song. “What A Wonderful World” sounds like a complicated tune to play because it complex melody, but you can learn it quickly. The original song was recorded in the key of F major, but can be changed to fit your singing range or preference.


One Call Away – Charlie Puth

“One Call Away” hit the charts and stayed #1 for many weeks in 2017. The chord structure in this song is simple but captivating and emotional. Both the bassline and the melody move one after another. The first the notes of the bassline are: D♭, C, and B♭ and then moves up to E♭, D♭, and C. The whole song follows a 3-chord structure. Watch this video on how to play “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth.

A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton

This iconic song was released in 2000, and is well-known for being featured in the famous movie “White Chicks.” The sequence of notes repeated through most of the song, and with a short time of practice, you could get it down entirely. The right-hand starts with the octave B, adding A and F# later. The left hand then goes on playing E, F#, D, and E (your left-hand returns back to it). The rhythm in this song is syncopated, so counting aloud and practicing will help you learn it in no time.

Titanium – David Guetta (feat. Sia)

This famous pop song is relatively easy to play and also has a very simple chord structure. The song starts with E♭ major, followed by the chords B♭, C major, and A♭. Then in the chorus chords move a little, to A♭, B♭, C, and G major. The Bridge chord progression is also the same as the chorus, and the whole melody can be played on the right hand alone. Watch the video below on learning the first part of “Titanium.”

All Of Me – John Legend

“All Of Me” has a very captivating melody and is an easy song to learn. The 2013 hit song was written in the key of A♭ minor, and each verse has an identical chord structure, which is I, VI, III, VII. The transition section alternates between B♭ minor, A♭ major, and E♭ major, with E♭ minor being the dominant of the A♭ major chorus. During the bridge section, we return to B♭ minor from the transition before. Overall, this song is a must-learn piano song for beginners.

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars

This popular 2014 funk song is a staple in the Pop Genre. Not only is it easy to lear, but it’s easy and fun to play. The rhythm and bassline add to the fun of playing this song on the piano. This funky song has intervals between each note of the bass line that may vary and will require extra effort for you. Once you have the rhythm and accents in the song locked down, it’ll be a blast playing this song.


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