5 YouTube Piano Players To Learn From

Sometimes, we all need to be encouraged. So, if you need some piano inspiration, check out these 5 YouTube piano players to learn from.

Miller Piano Specialists February 28, 2022 2 Min Read

Sometimes, we all need to be inspired. We can watch some of the top piano players at any time thanks to the internet. On YouTube, some incredible piano players, both known and up-and-comers, are ranked in no particular order. So, if you need some inspiration, check out these 5 YouTube piano players to learn from.

1. Tokio Myers

First on our list, Tokio Myers. Tokio is a Londoner who became famous after winning Britain’s Got Talent. Myers credits the piano for keeping him out of trouble due to his upbringing in a tough neighborhood. Tokio composes creative songs by fusing classical influences with contemporary sounds, and his live performances are spectacular. This genuinely enthusiastic piano player will definitely inspire you. Videos to check out:

2. Cateen

Secondly, Cateen’s Twinkle Twinkle arrangement takes listeners on a musical journey through seven styles, including Mozartean, ragtime, impressionist, and Liszt-level virtuosity. Check out his other work, which frequently incorporates other instruments (such as a toy piano) to create a more whimsical tone. Videos to check out:

3. Valentina Lisitsa

Next, Valentina Lisitsa. She is a classical virtuoso who began her musical career on YouTube. Since then, she’s put on spectacular and dramatic performances of Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, and other greats, making some of the most technically challenging compositions look as simple as breathing. Videos to check out:

4. Charles Cornell

This Youtuber not only delivers impressive jazz, but he also explains why excellent music is so good. Charles promises hours of entertainment for music fans of all levels, from comprehending what makes the Minecraft soundtrack so beloved to breaking down Studio Ghibli’s most adored tunes. Videos to check out:

5. Rousseau

Rousseau, a prolific YouTube pianist who posts videos twice a week, combines iconic piano masterpieces with a colorful visualizer that demonstrates how insane some of the piano’s most popular tunes are. This YouTuber compiles the most difficult, soothing, and other works for your listening enjoyment. Videos to check out:


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