5 Things Keeping You From Getting Better At Piano

Feeling stagnant? We've all been there. So, how do you fix that? Here are 5 things that may be keeping you from getting better at the piano:

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Miller Piano Specialists July 11, 2020 3 Min Read

Learning to play the piano can be an exciting and fun experience in the beginning. You learn new songs, you see growth, and you want to keep going. But, there are times that every musician finds themselves in when they see little to no progress, and it can be discouraging. Feeling stagnant; We’ve all been there. So, how do you fix that? Here are 5 things keeping you from getting better at the piano:

1. You Are Wasting Time

Have you ever found yourself playing that one song that you’re good at playing repeatedly? It’s not always bad to practice easier music and have fun, but you could be wasting your practice time. One way you could be spending time is by choosing easy and comfortable challenges. For example, selecting a comfortable song or skill to learn is not going to get you anywhere in the long run. Never be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, because this is how you will grow.

2. You Have No Goals Set

Most times, not having goals set can keep you from staying focused and growing. Every time you sit down to practice, write down your goals for the day, the week, or the month. Evaluate your current ability, and make a plan on how you will reach your goals. For example, if your bigger goal is to learn scales, start with a smaller goal of learning to play the C scale, the D scale, etc. When you have your goals set, you will have more direction. 

3. You Are Skipping Important Steps

When learning the piano, neglecting some necessary steps can set you back in your learning. To grow, you need to make sure your mind is continually being challenged with new goals. Ask yourself: Are you learning to read music? Do you understand music theory? Are you practicing ear training? Do you know rhythm? Knowing how to read music, understanding music theory, having an ear, and understanding rhythm can benefit you and help you get out of the frustrating “stagnant” stage. If you haven’t pushed yourself to learn in the areas mentioned, learn how to become proficient in the area through online videos, lessons, and learning from other musicians. 

4. You’re Playing Songs That Are Too Difficult

Just like staying in your comfort zone will keep you from getting better, so can playing music that is too difficult. Playing songs that are too challenging for you may frustrate you, discourage you, and not challenge you. Although it’s essential to challenge yourself, taking on tough-to-reach goals can crush you quickly. If you have a specific goal you want to reach, take smaller steps, and achieve smaller goals that will gradually get you to the bigger goal.

5. Are You Consistent?

Just like anything in life, consistency wins. Ask yourself, are you practicing enough? Life, jobs, family, and responsibilities can often get in the way of our consistency. Consistency could be what is keeping you from getting better at Piano. If you find yourself unable to practice for hours a day, you will see faster results when practicing in shorter time frames during the week than hours at a time only once or twice a week. 


We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about 5 things keeping you from getting better at the piano. Remember to stay consistent, challenge yourself, and have fun with your music!

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