4 Common Mistakes Piano Beginners Make

When learning the piano, it's important to make sure you're learning the right way. Here are four common mistakes piano beginners make:

Miller Piano Specialists February 5, 2021 3 Min Read

Learning how to play the piano is an exciting journey to be on. While being on that journey and learning new things, it’s essential to make sure you’re learning the right way. Here are four common mistakes piano beginners make:

1. Not Listening To The Sound

Although it may seem that playing the right notes is the most important thing when playing piano, other things are more important. Many new piano beginners focus too much on playing the right notes and forget about their produce. So, how do you play the right notes AND produce a beautiful sound?

A right ear for music is achieved by listening well. Here are three ways to listen well while you practice: 

  1. Accuracy of notes – Listen for note accuracy
  2. Listening skills – Listen to the quality of the sound being produced
  3. Technique – Listen to your body. Relax your shoulders, wrists, and jaw.

If you practice these ways of listening, you’ll see how the sound you produce on the piano will only get better and better. 

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2. Looking Down At The Keys Too Much

If you don’t know how to read music yet, you might be tempted to look down at the keys too much. Although this is fine when you’re first learning the piano basics, it’s essential to keep your eyes on the music and only glance down occasionally.
A great way to stop looking down too much is by creating muscle memory, where you know which note is which on the keyboard. The second way to do this is by learning how to read the music.

3. Not Learning To Read Music

Of course, a piano player’s primary goal is to know how to read music eventually. Often, piano beginners will rely on the keyboard image or finger numbers when playing the piano. When you stay too comfortable depending on finger numbers, you’ll minimize your development pattern reading or note recognition.  At first, you may watch the keys more than the music. However, the next step is to turn your attention to reading the piece than looking down on the keys.

Not sure how to begin learning to read music? The best thing about the internet is that there are thousands of videos and information on how to do just that.

Check out this video on How To Read Music:

4. Waiting For The Right Time to Practice

Finally, a common mistake that beginners make when learning the piano is only practicing when they “feel like it.” We’ve all had a task or responsibility at hand that we’ve pushed off, but it has to become a priority if you want to learn the piano. 

The best way to make piano playing a priority is to practice regularly and make it a daily non-negotiable. The quickest learners set a minimum daily amount and stick to it. Some days you might practice more than others, but it is always done. Over time, practicing becomes a habit and also becomes enjoyable! So, rather than basing your practice time on your mood for the day, we’d like to encourage you to keep trying. Practice makes progress! 

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Recognizing piano mistakes is the first step. Taking the time to correct and learn what you need to do makes all the difference in your piano learning journey! We hope you enjoyed reading these four common mistakes piano beginners make! If you’re looking to buy your dream Yamaha piano, we can help you!

If you have any questions about where to buy a piano for the best price, we are open! Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We are happy to help you in person again, using all the guidelines we have been provided. We are here for you.

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