Yamaha Pianos, A History of Passion for Music and Fun

Travis Mitchell October 7, 2013 2 Min Read

Makky Kaylor performing
Makky Kaylor performing

I recently met an Asian American who was more familiar with Yamaha home entertainment and outdoor recreational products than their musical instruments.  When I pointed out that the company logo was comprised of tuning forks he had an “ah hah” moment. Yamaha has become synonymous with fun “all the way around” but music was their first and remains their deepest passion.

The manufacturing expertise developed by this piano maker has been focused on delivering the most consistent quality piano in the world.  It has been their passion but this passion didn’t manifest itself recently.  Yamaha specializes in recreational products of many kinds. That being said, the first thing the founder ever built was a reed organ and the first product ever mass produced was a piano! Take a peek at the benchmark history of the  largest instrument maker in the world.


Torakusu Yamaha builds his first reed organ


   Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. (current Yamaha Corporation) is established with capital of 100,000 yen


Begins production of upright pianos


Lists its shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange


   Establishes Yamaha Music School and holds pilot classes.
Produces its first HiFi player (audio product)


   Establishes Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Splits off the motorcycle division)


   Begins production of sports equipment
. Establishes first overseas subsidiary in Mexico


Begins production of electronic organ


Establishes Yamaha International Corporation (current Yamaha Corporation of America)


Begins recreation business


Begins production of lifestyle-related products


Begins production of wind instruments


     Yamaha Music Foundation is established
. Expands into Europe with the founding of Yamaha Europa GmbH, in West Germany


Issues shares at market price for the first time in Japan


Begins production of semiconductors


     Changes company name to Yamaha Corporation to mark the 100th years in business


     Establishes Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.
Establishes          Yamaha Music Holding Europe GmbH (current Yamaha Music Europe GmbH)


Acquires Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


Establishes music entertainment business holding company


Acquires L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH
 Acquires NEXO S.A.


  Renews Yamaha Ginza Building, a complex including shopping area,   concert hall, music studio etc.
Transfers shares of the lifestyle-related   products subsidiary.
Completes integration of Japanese piano factories to Kakegawa


    Completes integration of Japanese wind instrument factories to Toyooka
125th years in business (October 12th)

You can see from the impressive history of this well-managed company, who built its first upright piano in 1900 and made a reed organ before any other product, that music was at the source and was inspirational to this company. All the other fun, recreational stuff came later. As the tuning forks in the company logo remind us-music is at the heart of this company and that passion shows in the way they build all things.


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