Travis Mitchell July 20, 2021 1 Min Read

Questions have come up recently about the Yamaha Avant N2 piano. So here are some “Helpful Hints” to answer some of your questions, and keep on hand for quick reviewing. Keep those questions coming, and we can post your answers for others to see as well! Happy playing!

Yamaha N2 “helpful hints”

1. Pull out the drawer on the left, and hold the function button on the far right, while choosing the key by holding down the “a” below middle c – to the “a” above middle c.
2. For example: Hold function with the left hand and press the “d” above middle c and now you are playing in the key of d.

1. Pull out the drawer on the far left, press the Record button on the far left, then press the flashing Play/Stop button right next to it. RECORD.
2. Hit the Play/Stop button when you are finished. The screen will say End when saved.
3. Hit the Play/Stop button to replay and listen back.
4. *This can be saved to a usb under the piano and taken to a computer with usb to continue working on tracking and with different programs if you choose.

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