Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano—A Cut Above the Rest

The Yamaha Disklavier player piano is one of the finest you'll find on the market. Read more to find out why it's considered better than any other.

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Travis Mitchell February 11, 2016 2 Min Read

Recent studies show that this year, around 75% of Christmas shoppers will be purchasing gifts that are technology related. Technology has truly infiltrated all of life and has made many things much easier, more convenient, and more fun! This is nowhere more true than in the music industry, and although there are many ways that technology has improved areas of music, one that we are very excited about at Miller Piano Specialists is the advent and continued improvement of a little player piano called the Yamaha Disklavier.

The Yamaha Disklavier is the absolute ultimate in player piano technology, making playing, learning, and enjoying the piano accessible to all ages and skill levels. Player pianos have been around for many decades, going all the way back to the suction-powered models of the turn of the century. By the 1930s, they were using vacuum cleaner motors to power the movement of the keys, and in the 1980s the first contemporary, all-electric player pianos made their debut—including the Yamaha Disklavier.

The Disklavier, like other player pianos on the market, is entirely software-driven. But unlike every other player piano out there, the Disklavier is the only one that is manufactured originally to be a player piano. All other systems on the market are essentially add-ons that must be installed onto the original piano. But the Yamaha Disklavier is “born this way,” and that makes it better, more accurate, and more nuanced in its performance than anything else out there.

The Yamaha Disklavier plays back exactly what you played, in all of its glorious originality and nuance, from high to low and soft to forceful notes. Use it for personal education and enrichment, or for one-man recording jobs in a studio environment. You can purchase custom CDs that tell the instrument which songs to play, or connect via the internet to one of Yamaha’s 32 different 24/7 streaming stations that provide the Disklavier with thousands of different songs to play with more being added all the time. Some even feature background orchestration, so all you have to do is press play! Because the Disklavier is an original, not a retrofitted and questionably suitable add-on, you know you are getting the highest quality sound and playback available today.

And with all the advances being made in technology, the Disklavier is only getting more useful. Multiple Disklaviers can connect to each other online from thousands of miles away—you may be in California, but a friend in New York can play your Disklavier from hers through the Internet, instantly and seamlessly. Connect via Skype or Facetime, and you can enjoy playing together or taking lessons from the comfort of your own home from a teacher who does not have to reside anywhere near you.

The Yamaha Disklavier is a multi-use technologically advanced player piano that makes playing and enjoying the piano even more accessible and usable for the entire family. We carry the newest version of the Disklavier at Miller Piano Specialists, and it makes an amazing big Christmas present for the kids!

Come check out the Disklavier for yourself or call (615) 771-0020 to find out more about our current model from one of our knowledgeable staff members. More information about Miller Piano Specialists can be found on our website at millerps.com.

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