**SOLD** Wurlitzer C153 in Cherry French Provincial “Adrian”

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Travis Mitchell January 27, 2024 2 Min Read

**SOLD** Wurlitzer C153 Cherry French Provincial

Adrian is a Wurlitzer C153, five-foot Grand piano in a cherry French provincial finish, with a matching tufted bench. Originally purchased at Miller Piano Specialists, he was  exquisitely cared for and enjoyed, then later traded in on a Clavinova CLP795GP, more appropriate for the owner’s stage needs. Adrian is a wonderful opportunity if you’re seeking a stunning baby grand piano.

Adrian’s story:

In a charming southern town, stood a cheery piano store. It was within the walls of this musical sanctuary that Adrian, a magnificent Wurlitzer grand piano, adorned in a cherry French Provincial design by the esteemed US company, Baldwin, found his first home.

Adrian was a masterpiece, boasting not only exquisite craftsmanship but also a soul-stirring musicality. His satin cherry wood sheen gleamed under the warm store lights, and his curved legs and tufted bench spoke of timeless regality. 

One day, a passionate pianist entered the store. Drawn to Adrian’s enchanting tones, the pianist enjoyed exploring the instrument’s capabilities. Eventually, a decision was made, and Adrian became a cherished addition to the musician’s  home.

Seasons changed and years passed. The pianist’s artistic pursuits took off. The pianist found themselves yearning for a more versatile instrument that could adapt to varied performance needs.

With a sense of nostalgia and gratitude, the pianist returned to the cheery piano store, where the owners understood the ebb and flow of musical journeys. Together, they reached an agreement, a trade was made, and Adrian returned to the showroom, awaiting a new custodian who could  appreciate his timeless appearance and classic charm.

As the musician left the store, brochures in hand, they cast a lingering glance back at their old friend. Adrian, now freed from his role in one musician’s tale, stood ready to embark on a new chapter with someone else.

And so, Adrian continues his journey, ready to transition gracefully from one chapter to the next, leaving behind a legacy of melodies that linger in the hearts of those who had the privilege of sharing in his music.

Adrian’s Name

The name Adrian has Greek roots with a meaning of “rich”. It’s also Italian, representing people from Hadria, near the Adriatic Sea, and can mean flowing to the sea. Adrian has a rich and flowing tone, so it was obviously fitting for this regal baby grand.

Front of piano, with brand name “Wurlitzer”

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