The Importance of Pursuing Musical Education in Nashville, Tennessee

Every Grammy winner in Nashville started somewhere! Pursuing a musical education in Nashville is important, but Miller Piano Specialists make it easy.

Travis Mitchell April 8, 2016 2 Min Read

Learning a musical instrument compels many children at an early age. As soon as school lessons become available, they possess an innate fascination with different instruments, begging their parents to let them delve into the world of musicianship. But why is it important to pursue a musical education in Nashville, resisting the urge to quit when a student reaches a plateau or a difficult hump in their road to musical success?

There is a reason why so many of the world’s most successful people are also well trained musicians: learning and persisting through a musical education teaches creativity, concentration, and confidence.

At Miller Piano Specialists in Middle Tennessee, we often hear parents repeat the same phrase when purchasing their child’s first instrument: “I just don’t know whether or not they will stick with it.” The fact of the matter is that every student eventually reaches a plateau in his or her music education. Through encouragement by teachers and parents, children can exercise appropriate discipline, learning a level of determination and persistence that will aid them in whatever they choose to do later in life.

We do not have the option of dropping out of a Math or English class as soon as the subject matter becomes too challenging. Likewise, staying the course with music education will yield tremendous results in a student’s ability to hone their concentration. Most students who regularly play their musical instruments with discipline and focus perform better in the academic realm, and go on to become successful in the fields of their choice.

Playing a musical instrument is also key to building self-confidence and a sense of character at an early age. As students progress in their studies and begin to develop their own individual voices as musicians, they carve out a sense of independence, a unique voice that affords them a sense of self-esteem and awareness. Though obstacles present themselves throughout their educations, overcoming roadblocks and succeeding as an instrumentalist yields an enormous sense of pride and gratification. This life-building trait distinguishes people with a “can-do” attitude from those who give up on their pursuits because of a lack of self-worth.

In addition, persisting with music lessons affords students a sense of creativity at an early age. Once they have mastered the basics of music theory of their instrument, they begin to understand the building blocks of the musical language. Not only does this enhance their performance, it allows them the opportunity to compose their own music and to draw outside the conventional lines of standard playing. In order to break the rules, you first have to understand them.

Music is often said to be the universal language. Learning to appreciate and understand the musical language is something innate within all of us. It is a form of creative self-expression and communication inherent within our makeup, and a language that most of us desire to speak fluently. By ensuring that your child stays the course with their music education, you are teaching them important skills that will enable them to succeed in whatever they choose to undertake in life.

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