Technological Advancements of Digital Pianos in Middle Tennessee

Digital pianos are perfect for musicians of all types, especially those who rely on technology for songwriting, music education, or performance.

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Travis Mitchell April 26, 2016 2 Min Read

Most people think about the electric guitar as a mainstay of modern music composition, just as important and relevant as the standard acoustic guitar. However, many do not realize that digital pianos have become as much a part of the piano market today as traditional pianos, acting as the choice instrument for some of the most prolific and established musicians. Originally introduced in 1983, the digital piano is now a staple of any live concert, studio, or student’s workshop.

There are a multitude of benefits to purchasing a digital piano in lieu of a standard acoustic instrument. First off, you never need to tune it, making maintenance much easier. Because of the ease and longevity of digital pianos, they have become the instrument of choice for many institutions, including large churches with booming acoustics. Digital pianos also feature the ability to connect through a set of headphones, so practicing at any hour of the day or night is no longer an inconvenience to neighbors, spouses, or roommates.

In addition to its abundant conveniences, the digital piano offers plentiful benefits to composers who are looking to create music through digital sampling. Current digital pianos allow the musician to sample the hammer striking the string, and encompass the full range of sounds produced by this action. Composers are able to experiment with the digital sampling that has become increasingly prevalent in today’s music industry.

There is a new sophistication to creating samples through digital pianos. When they first arrived on the market, a mathematical reproduction of a specific note’s volume limited the sound’s authenticity. Today, with greater technological sophistication, digital pianos use touch sensitivity to mimic the nuances of the created sound, yielding a much more realistic representation. They have the capacity not only to record the precise pitch that you are playing, but also to reproduce the drag and outlying vibrations that accompany a genuine piano sound.

At Miller Piano Specialists in Middle Tennessee, we can guide you through the plethora of new technological advances featured in the digital piano. There are tremendous differences between digital pianos, and many varieties of the instrument have emerged on the market in the past few years.

The cost of the piano often corresponds to its action or how authentic it sounds in comparison to a traditional acoustic instrument. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a digital piano with various grades of action and thus authentic sound reproduction.

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