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Travis Mitchell March 24, 2016 2 Min Read

With the right teacher and environment, anyone can begin learning the piano at any age. At Miller Piano Specialists, our music academy offers both private and group piano lessons to a wide influx of students in Middle Tennessee.

Designed for students of all ages, our group piano lessons are based off of the “Art City Music” curriculum. Founded in Utah, our passionate teachers trained with its creator in order to implement the proper learning structure structure for our piano students in the Nashville area.

The “Art City Music” curriculum focuses on teaching students the sounds of notes before they learn actual notation—a popular teaching style called the “Sol Fege Method.” A highly common technique in Europe, this method has become increasingly prevalent in teaching piano students across the United States. By listening to and singing a range of sounds, they are better equipped to learn proper ear training, sight reading, and acquire an overall comprehension of basic music theory. Piano students in Nashville who have taken these Sol Fege Method-based classes excel at a much faster rate in their studies and musicianship than other pianists.

Each class features two to six students grouped together by age and expertise. This fosters an intimate atmosphere of collaboration and personalized attention, with each student learning the fundamentals of music theory and piano playing at their own individual pace.

At Miller Piano Specialists Music Academy in Middle Tennessee, we believe in teaching more than just the rudimentary aspects of piano playing. Our classes take a more holistic approach to learning music, where students often walk away from the piano bench to participate in rhythm and ear-training lessons. Not only does this provide a broader understanding of music theory, but it also engages them in activities that provide energy and excitement.

Sitting at a piano for hours on end while working through notation and technique can become boring and tedious. With teachers who possess degrees in Musical Education, we strive to create a fun and scintillating atmosphere for our students, where learning the piano offers them a sense of self-confidence and creative inspiration.

For our younger age groups, we encourage parent participation in classes; by attending your child’s piano lesson, your support incites enthusiasm, and you have a better understanding of what they should be practicing at home.

Give us a call today for more information on taking piano lessons at Miller Piano Specialists in Middle Tennessee!

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