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Travis Mitchell August 3, 2013 2 Min Read

Our sales representative, Sherry Carlisle Smith, has achieved a national “Touchstone Sales Promotion” award from Yamaha of America by performing in the top 6 places of all Yamaha sales persons in the country.

Owners, Ross and Sylvia Miller, knew in the summer of 2010 when Sherry came aboard that someone special was joining the family. After many successful years in the music business and with previous piano sales experience at the former Yamaha dealer, Claude P. Street, Sherry began taking care of customers at Miller Piano Specialists.Her fun and attentive brand of advising customers and helping them make the best purchasing decision is a breath of fresh air in a world of canned demonstrations and sales pitches. The truth is Sherry has so much fun helping folks find the perfect instrument inside their budget that she has redefined the shopping experience in middle Tennessee and now it appears she is having a national impact! Her entertaining way of helping people means that you never quite know what experience or knowledge she will share next and (the truth be known) she is so unscripted that we’re sure she doesn’t even know what she is going to say next!

We congratulate her on her commitment to helping middle Tennesseans make sound (pardon the pun) decisions and for reaching this level of national excellence. This award is unusually impressive in view of the fact the most of the others who performed at this high level were in much larger markets such as LA and Houston.

This congratulations, however, does comes with a warning to those who will be on the all expenses paid reward trip to Hamamatsu Japan with her: life as you knew it will never be the same! Sherry will bring a whole new brand of professional fun to your Yamaha piano tour experience as she has to our lives here at Miller Piano Specialists. Way to go Sherry! Keep up the good work.

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