Travis Mitchell October 11, 2022 1 Min Read

Let the voting begin!
Congratulations to our nominees for the annual MPS Award show on Thursday, October 27th at 7:00 pm at Miller Piano Specialists! Vote 2 times per day for your favorite aritsts by emailing and the catagory they are nominated for….and now the nominees….

Songwriter of the Year: Keith Burn, John Schneider, Russ Roberts, Ronnie Dean, Debra Allen

Instrumentalist of the Year: Josh Townsend, EJ Ford, Dr. Joseph Akins, Ted Yoder, Bronson Hermmouth, Dino Pastin

Vocalist of the Year: Logan Smith, Katrice Heywood, Austin Glover, Ronnie Robbins, Karen Dee

Composer of the Year: Dr. Joseph Akins, Eric Bikales, Ed Bazel, Cory Lavine, Cathy Oakes

Entertainer of the Year: Alex Zsolts, Keith Burns, John Schneider, David Phelps, Brian White, Debra Allen

There will be two Lifetime Achievement Awards and our Horizon award as well.

*Please make sure if you cannot make the evening and you are nominated, have a representative to be prepared to accept for you. We do have limited space, so each artist will be allowed 1 guest.

For more information call Sherry at 615-771-0020

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