How to set the light panel on your Yamaha CLP 775/785/795gp

Travis Mitchell January 28, 2023 1 Min Read

To Change the Timer for the Touch Panel Light on CLP775/785/795GP


  1. Press the “hamburger” (the three lines) on top left of the touch panel.

2. Press the back arrow

3. Press the down arrow till you see system, then press the right arrow

4. Press the down arrow until you see Utility and press the right arrow

5. Then press the down arrow until you see “Auto Back Light”

6. Press the right arrow to choose time of either 10-20-30-60 seconds or off so the light stays on

7. Once you pick a time, by pressing the up or down arrow, you stop on the chosen time.

8.  You then touch the back arrow to set your desired lighting.

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