How to Save Your Personal Settings on a Yamaha CVP

Travis Mitchell January 7, 2023 1 Min Read


 How to…

Save your personal settings on a Yamaha CVP Clavinova


  1. Once you have chosen the sound or sounds you want to play on the Yamaha CVP Clavinova, you can save them in the memory of the piano.
  2. Choose the sound you want to use.
  3. Hold down the button to the right of the screen on your piano that says “memory”.
  4. While holding the “memory” button, press one of the buttons next to memory marked 1-8.
  5. The Clavinova will then “blink” or I like to say “wink” at you to say….thanks! saved!
  6. Then when you press that number (1-8) it will pull up the sound or registrations you want to save.
  7. *This is internal memory only, see how to save to your usb on a later “how to”.

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