Sherry Carlisle Smith October 10, 2017 1 Min Read

Thank you so much for all your participation in the 1st annual MPS Awards for Miller Piano Specialits! We had a wonderful evening of fun, anticipation, and laughs with our first “live” show and presentations. Our winners were announced and they are as follows:

Songwriter of the Year: Eric Bikales
Musical Composer of the Year: Eric Bikales
Instrumentalist of the Year: Ed Bazel
Vocalist of the Year: Angela Peterson
Entertainer of the Year: Kirk Dearman
Honor Awards for outstanding achievement went to the following:
Alex Zsolt
Debra Sheridan
Ronnie Dean
Russ Roberts

These artists will have their products displayed at Miller Piano Specialists for the year, and we will be working with them and keeping you informed about their shows and tour schedules as well.

We would like to thank Yamaha Pianos, Paul’s Chocolates, family and friends, and Sylvia and Ross Miller for their support. Also we would like to welcome Antonio Ferranti with Dexibell for attending with a kick off of Dexibell Digital Pianos, Kash with Touge and Touge models for the evening. We feel everyone involved in this event is a winner, and WE were honored you were a part of this awesome night!

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