Famous Piano Players – Male Pop Star Edition

We've featured famous piano players who are female pop stars in our previous post. In this post, we list down their male counterparts.

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Miller Piano Specialists December 7, 2019 3 Min Read

For our previous post, we talked about famous piano players that are female pop sensation. For this post, we are going to tackle the same, but this time, we are going to talk about their male counterparts. Indeed, there’s no stopping to the pop stars’ supply. We have them all the time, and they have a great representation decade after decade. But not all pop stars could play any instrument. Most of them could only sing, and some of them can decently dance. But there’s going to be a few male pop stars who can outshine their colleagues when it comes to piano playing. Here are five of the most popular male performers who are advanced with their piano mastery.

Bruno Mars

Probably the most famous on this list at the moment is Bruno Mars. This half-Filipino, half-Puerto Rican, all-American singer is a rocket full of talent! He does not just sing well; he can also dance and play pretty much every instrument there is. From drums to guitar to piano – he is excellent at all these. Also, he’s a great songwriter; he wrote most of his songs that became a worldwide hit. So what’s he doing now? He may be off the radar at the moment, but he is busy updating his fans on Twitter and doing some charity work and fundraising.

John Legend

John Legend is a total package. He is a good looking man who can belt out quite well and has fantastic piano skills. No wonder supermodel Chrissy Teigen fell for this man! When it comes to his music, it’s all about emotion-melting ballads and soulful hits that make you lounge or slow-dance on a rainy evening. This Emmy-winning pianist appears as a coach on the popular reality singing show The Voice from time to time. Other than that, he’s busy making music for himself and other singers as well.

Jamie Cullum

He might be the least popular performer in this list of famous piano players, but Jamie Cullum is a lad who creates music worth listening to. This British pop star is a sensation back in his home country and has raked a cult following in other parts of the world. And he has come a long way since Twentysomething, his third studio album that catapulted him to the world stage. At the moment, he’s still working and releasing albums in his native Great Britain while married to his gorgeous wife, Sophie Dahl.

Billy Joel


It may seem that it’s been ages since Billy Joel arrived in the music scene, but he’s still a very busy man. His start was not as rosy as it seemed, however. His first album, Cold Spring Harbor, which was released in 1971, was a commercial failure. But it didn’t take long for him to find fame and praise for his piano skills when he released his 3rd album, aptly named Piano Man, two years later. Today, Billy Joel is a celebrated American musician, mostly remembered for his hits such as We Didn’t Start the Fire, Just The Way You Are, and Uptown Girl.

Elton John

And, of course, this list wouldn’t be legitimate if we don’t include Elton John in it. He was an eclectic performer when he started, choosing to wear outrageous outfits when on stage. But what is keeping him in the limelight after more than four or five decades now is his music. His hits have this unique blend of pop and rock that became his signature style. Similar to that of Queen’s but a little more on the mellow side. He has sold more than 200 million records worldwide and was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. If that doesn’t make him a music – and piano – legend, I don’t know what will. You might want to check out Rocket Man, his biopic film released May of this year starring Taron Egerton.

And these are five of the best and famous piano players who happen to be superstars in the pop scene. Do you want to be one of them in the future? You have to start somewhere. It all starts by purchasing a piano to begin the training. And for all of your piano needs, you can check out our store. We are the only authorized dealer of Yamaha Pianos in Middle Tennesee, plus we sell Pearl River and Ritmuller Pianos. We also have the best selection of used Pianos in Nashville! So check out our online store, and come by and give us a visit! We are here to assist you and help you find the perfect piano for your needs and budget.

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