Famous Piano Players: Female Pop Stars Edition

Not all pop stars are famous piano players. Here is a list of popular singing superstars who are also accomplished piano players.

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Miller Piano Specialists December 2, 2019 3 Min Read

Pop stars can sing and dance – that’s a given. But can they play the piano? A very few can. Knowing a pop star who can play the piano (or any instrument for that matter) is like getting to see a dog that can walk on two legs – it’s unusual. It’s definitely a treat every time you get to see one perform their popular songs while they play the piano. Speaking of, here is a list of famous piano players – the female pop stars edition.

Lady Gaga


Hands down, Lady Gaga is one of those famous piano players who went the pop route. It may be easy to dismiss her sometimes because of her wacky antics and over-the-top costumes. But once the “first millennial superstar” sits down and plays the piano, the whole world will definitely listen. Her career’s running for more than a decade now, and she’s been through a lot of transformations. Still, her piano playing skills and recognizable voice is here to stay for generations and generations to come.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been hanging around the industry for more or less two decades now, and her piano skills are partly the reasons why (aside from her voice, of course). Back in the early 2000s, it was all about pop and alternative rock. But Alicia Keys came in and helped pave the way for the RnB genre to be recognized worldwide. Apart from her vocal and piano abilities, Keys is also known for her songwriting prowess. A musically inclined poet and singer – what more could you ask for?

Norah Jones

She may not be a household name right now, but Norah Jones sure was back in the early 2000s, and she still is to hardcore jazz fans. Norah became a worldwide hit back in 2002 when she released “Come Away with Me” and released songs like “Don’t Know Why”, which earned her several Grammy’s in 2003. Her whispery voice, jazzy tunes, and piano skills made her an equalizer to the pop and rock music that dominated during the time.

Regina Spektor

It’s quite a bit of a contradiction, but we will let this one slip. Why? Because Regina Spektor is not a pop star per se, she’s an indie artist. But with her voice and her ability to play the piano in a very quirky and upbeat way, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t include her in this list. She was first introduced to the world via the movie “500 Days of Summer”, and ever since, she’s collected a cult following. We haven’t heard from her for a long while now. Still, her songs are catchy and can be easily spotted even up to this day. Take a listen, it’s contagious.

Sara Bareilles

It’s no secret that Sara Bareilles can play the piano, like the rest on this list of famous piano players. But what’s a mystery to us is how come she’s not a superstar like most on this list. She’s a highly talented singer, a great piano player, and also a great songwriter. So what is she doing now? She hasn’t done any solo recording for the last five years, but right now, she’s focusing more on theater. We guess it’s a loss for the mainstream music circuit, but here’s one performance you should definitely check out.
So who is your favorite famous female piano player disguising as a pop star? Perhaps you could be the next one! And when you are pursuing a career in the music industry as a piano player, you definitely need a piano to begin. Here are some keyboards and pianos that we have available that you can check out and buy right away!

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