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JUNE 2021

1. Keep you piano updated from your app. Watch for the red* in your main menu under information setting “what’s new”. When you tap this, it will let you know if there is a new firmware update for your Disklavier. If there is, tap the icon to update, go get some coffee and come back and it will be finished! **if you wait and do not keep it updated, it will take longer, and could cause bugs with your app to piano connection, as well as with your wireless connections. **
2. Keep your IOS device swiped from open apps you are not using at the time. Too many screens may tend to clog up or slow down the communication to your piano.
3.Keep your user name and password accessible: When you sign up for make sure you write your user name and password in the front of you owner’s manual, like we suggest in your tutorial. *If you have more than one wi-fi or internet, it is wise to write the one associated with your piano in the book as well.
4. IF YOU ARE INSTALLING YOUR DISKLAVIER YOURSELF: Hard wiring to your ethernet in your wall from the ethernet on the back of the piano controller box is the most stable way. Using a bridge (ex: airport express), is the next best way to go wireless. A Yamaha UDWL-01 should be placed in the back of the controller box usb port 2 for a third way, or a back up to go iOS device to your piano should your internet go out.

1. Avoid extension chords and power strips if possible: When your installer comes out, they will try to go direct to a wall with the piano power chord and the *airport express* (or other brand) bridge for Wi-Fi if at all possible. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE OUT WITH OLDER EXTENTION CHORDS OR POWER STRIPS THAT ARE NOT SURGE PROTECTED.
2. Don’t try and control the piano with two devises at the same time. If two people are trying to control the stations or piano, it may cause issues that would lead you to rebooting or re-installing your apps.
3. PLEASE CALL YOUR SPECIALISTS’: If you are having issues that our blogs are not helping with, please don’t hesitate to call your representative/specialists to make a home call or walk you thru the problem with a phone call or facetime.

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