Quick steps on “How to bluetooth your Yamaha CLP

Travis Mitchell February 18, 2021 1 Min Read

Since we are snowed in working from home, we thought some little tips might help with your new instruments. We try hard to work with our clients and Yamaha owners in technical support after the purchase. No question, great or small is silly! We decided to take some time this week and put together some of the top questions we are asked that might help you at home. Please don’t hesitate to call or text us anytime at 615-771-0020, and we will gladly walk you thru step by step.

Our first quick reference is one that is asked a lot with Yamaha CLP 745, CLP 765, CLP 775 and clp CLP 795 clients. “how do I bluetooth my piano to my IOS devise?” (ipad, iphone) The following is a step by step process for you to reference without dragging out your manual.


1. Turn off your Bluetooth on your phone, ipad or ios devise. (I usually turn off my wifi too, you don’t have to though)
2. Turn your piano on.
3. Hold the function button until the screen reads Bluetooth pairing (about 5-7 seconds)
4. Turn on your Bluetooth to your phone, ipad or ios devise.
5. Look for NEW DEVISES (usually at the bottome)
6. You should see the model of your piano, example: audio clp 745.
7. Tap that and you are connected
8. *adjust your phone volume and piano volume to where they are compatible with the sound balance you want. The piano volume will act as your master volume once you have adjusted

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