How To Song Write on the Piano

Songwriting may come naturally for some, and for others, it may be a bit more complicated. Here's how to song write on the piano:

Miller Piano Specialists July 27, 2022 2 Min Read

Songwriting – some may have a natural gift for writing a song, and for others it might be a little more complicated. Wherever you are on the songwriting spectrum, songwriting, in general, is very admirable and healthy for any musician to pursue. When it comes to songwriting, there are many categories that you can choose from. One of those categories of songwriting is writing music on the piano. In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to song write on the piano:

Being Original Is Not the Goal

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. In the music world, originality is sought after by almost everyone. However, this mentality and approach can lead to pressure to always create something different. Now, don’t get us wrong. Writing something new and different is something we need to do, but it’s not the goal. So, what is the goal?

You must be a master in any art, not just music, to create new ideas. You’ll never start writing if your goal is to create a brand-new genre or something wholly unique that has never been heard before.

Instead of feeling the obligation to be original, we should imitate before we innovate. We must imitate those who have come before us before creating anything new. Of course, do not plagiarize. But in the comfort of your home, don’t be afraid to find your sound by listening to and imitating other’s sounds. 

Know Your Chords and Progressions

Hand on Yamaha piano keys

To build anything, you need a framework– the same goes for building a song. We need a framework for our song, just like we would lay a foundation, and then a frame on the house to make it sturdy. You need to know your chords and your progressions. 

If a song is like a structure, there are sections in the structure. Within each of those sections, a framework of chords cooperates to create the song. These are called progressions. The foundation of your music is made up of chord progressions, which we must know to use them. The internet is filled with endless tutorials on learning the piano. 

Have A Direction

Creative writing is frequently perceived as being unrestricted and open. Instead, attempt approaching songwriting by establishing a path. It can be intimidating to start with a blank sheet of paper; what do you draw? This is why we need direction when writing a song to be imaginative in pursuit of an ultimate end product. Here are a few techniques for doing this:

  • Select a musical style or genre.
  • Select a theme you want to write about.
  • Choose a song structure (jazz, classical, or pop).
  • Pick a key that works for you.
  • Pick a chord progression that you love.


We hope this article gave you helpful tips on how to song write on the piano. Remember to be yourself, set a structure, and have fun with it! If you need a piano to start your songwriting journey, we can help you. 

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