Travis Mitchell November 15, 2014 1 Min Read

silent grand 2

When you think Yamaha has topped out on their technology, they will surprise you again! The GB1K 5’ grand by Yamaha, has always been made with quality and precision. Now, Yamaha has incorporated “the silent” feature on the GB1K SG2.

This grand now has the feature to plug in headphones and play “silently”. The hammers are moving, but slightly missing the strings and going into a digital sample mode of a CF111 (9’ concert grand) or your choice of 9 other quality samples, such as strings, harpsichord and choir among others.

It is fully midi compatible and you can record and play back your performance. This can then be saved on a usb thumb drive. This incorporates some great practice functions for beginners, encourages creativity and educates all of us on the technology that is at our finger tips, just waiting to be utilized.

Technology is in everything we use today! Music is no different. Miller Piano Specialists is proud to partner with Yamaha Pianos and to be on the “cutting edge” of the latest in musical technology.
Stop by today and let us also show you how to incorporate your iphone and ipads with some of our free apps!

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