Travis Mitchell August 5, 2013 2 Min Read

The Yamaha Hybrid Piano Collection

Who would have imagined taking piano lessons from a teacher in one state, while you lived in another? Who would have ever thought that technology would give us the elegance of a grand piano with the convenience of headphones? Who would have dreamed that their piano could entertain the entire family through satellite radio and live concerts? Who thought of this and brought it to life….? Yamaha did!!!

Yamaha, the number one manufacturer and seller of musical instruments in the world has always known that education was the first thing on the agenda. They have worked hard to “educate with the times”. In doing this, they had to keep up with technology. Your children learn how to use a computer, an iPad, and an iPhone, many by the time they are toddlers! To make education fun and encouraging, Yamaha has incorporated these features into their Hybrid Collection.

The Yamaha Disklavier Player System, Avant Grand with a real acoustic action and the Yamaha Silent pianos with headphone options are all a part of this classic collection. Each piano allows you the technology benefits without losing the “feel and touch” of the traditional acoustic piano. This is due to moving wooden parts and action. Some of those benefits include recording and playback (exactly like you played it), headphone jacks to give you privacy in your rehearsals, and the latest in digital sampling in various uses. Hybrid pianos give us all of these features plus entertainment options for family and friends. The piano is no longer for one family member, but the entire family!

“Seeing is believing” and “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Stop by and let us show you how these instruments can change your world too!

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