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Pearl River pianos are some of the most respected in the world. Miller Piano Specialists can help you find the exact Pearl River model you're looking for.

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Travis Mitchell March 4, 2016 2 Min Read

One of the brands we specialize in at Miller Piano Specialists is Pearl River—the largest manufacturer of acoustic pianos in the world. In spite of being such a prolific company and very well respected in the piano world, the average customer has not heard of them. Pearl River has a long and storied history that dates back to the 1950s and has played a huge role in shaping the piano industry as we know it today.

Pearl River began as a company in 1956. At that time, most pianos sold in America were also made in America. Today, because of the cost of materials and labor, 90 % of all pianos manufactured for the world are built in Asia. Pearl River is currently manufactured in Guangzhou, China. In the 1980s, famed piano builder, Yamaha went into a joint venture with Pearl River and essentially taught them how to take their piano manufacturing to a new level. Although they are no longer in a relationship as companies, the legacy of Yamaha can still be felt in many of Pearl River’s models.

Pearl River is also a contract manufacturer for other well-known companies like Steinway. They build Steinway’s Essex model as well as models for other piano companies. All told, with their production under the Pearl River name and their production on behalf of other companies, Pearl River has become the largest manufacturer of acoustic pianos in the world. Pearl River is a name internationally trusted by both individual piano experts and world renowned companies like Steinway and Yamaha. Pearl River creates some of the most well-crafted and quality pianos on the market.

At Miller Piano Specialists, we have sold Pearl River pianos since 2001, and they continue to be one of our best-selling brands to this day. Owners and employees of Miller Piano Specialists alike have visited the Pearl River factory in China multiple times, and it has been our experience that they are an extremely knowledgeable and technically advanced company. They value creating a beautiful and well-made product and provide the top-notch customer service required to keep their pianos in shape for many generations to come.

We carry the complete line of Pearl River pianos, from their consoles to studios to professional uprights, as well as different sizes of their grands. If you would like to try out a Pearl River piano for yourself, visit our shop today! For more information on Pearl River and all the other reputable brands we carry, call (615) 771-0020 or visit our website at

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