The Importance of Regular Piano Tuning

Do you understand the importance of regular piano tuning? We'll explain everything and help you better appreciate beautiful music in this article.

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Travis Mitchell February 11, 2016 2 Min Read

At Miller Piano Specialists, many people come to us with questions about tuning their pianos. Piano tuning is a little understood but essential aspect of its maintenance, and it is important for everyone who owns a traditional acoustic piano to have it tuned regularly, at least twice a year. Why? And what causes a piano to need tuning in the first place?

Many people think that the physical act of moving a piano can cause it to be thrown out of tune, like moving it into a different room or to a new house. However, it is not the physical motion that makes a piano fall out of tune, but the changes in air temperature and humidity. Moving a piano to a new room in the house may change the temperature and humidity a very small amount, if at all. But moving the piano to a new house or from the store to your home will produce very obvious and drastic environmental changes that will impact the piano’s tuning and accuracy.

Even as the seasons change, so will the climate, and your piano will fall out of tune. That is why it is important to get your piano tuned at least twice a year, even if it never moves.

Not having your piano tuned regularly can lead to several problems.

The pitch can drop so much that you will have to have it tuned several times in order to bring it up to where it needs to be, which can get pricey. For a severely out of tune piano, sometimes one tuning is not enough. Having your piano tuned regularly ensures this will not happen.

Your piano tech, in the normal course of tuning, may run across little things that can be tweaked or repaired easily before they build up and become major problems. Little adjustments over the course of time will save a lot of money and hassle.

It is much easier to play, use, learn, and enjoy a piano when it is in tune! Having your piano tuned regularly is an investment that keeps it in good working order for you and your family to benefit from and enjoy for many years to come.

Miller Piano Specialists is in network with some of the finest piano technicians in middle Tennessee and beyond. When you purchase a piano from our store, it will be perfectly tuned when it goes home with you. We will then conduct a follow-up tuning within 90 days once the piano has acclimated to the environment in your home and tune it again—absolutely free.

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