How to Transpose your Yamaha NU1X Avant Piano

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Travis Mitchell January 7, 2023 1 Min Read

How to transpose your

Yamaha NU1X Avant Piano


  1. Turn on your Yamaha NU1X Avant piano
  2. Hold the “function button” down on the left
  3. While holding down the function button, press the note (below middle c) that you would like the key to be in.
  4. EX: If you want to play in the key of C, but would like the sound to come out in the key of A for you to sing, do the following.   While holding the function button down – depress the A note below middle C and then let up on the button and key.  You will now hear the music coming out in the key of A – but you will be playing in the key of C.

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