How To Learn New Songs on the Piano Faster

If you're a beginner at the piano, learning new songs can be intimidating. Here's some tips on how to learn new songs on the piano faster:

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Miller Piano Specialists August 1, 2021 3 Min Read

If you’re a beginner at the piano, learning new songs can sometimes be complex and even intimidating. However, you can take many simple and easy steps to learn new songs on the piano easier! One of the reasons why people may find learning new songs on piano difficult is because they practice boring, repetitious music that doesn’t inspire them. So, the first step to growing in your piano abilities is to find the music you genuinely connect with and that you want to learn. Here are some other tips and strategies for learning new songs on the piano as a beginning student:

Find a Version that Matches Your Skill Level

From beginner level to advanced level, the world of music and piano sheet music is full of options to choose from. For many popular songs, there can be hundreds of various versions on the internet. So if you have a goal of learning a popular song quickly, try choosing a version that matches your piano skill level.

Stay On Track

Another great way to gauge your piano progress is by keeping a list of songs you can play and a list of songs you would like to learn. The more new songs you learn, the faster you will master basic piano chords and finger patterns. As you learn new piano songs, you will begin to recognize that many songs on the piano follow the same basic patterns. Practicing and recognizing these basic skills will help you learn new songs even quicker.

Break the Song Down

man listening to music at keyboard Once you’ve found a song that you’d like to learn and sheet music you can follow comfortably, the next step is to break down the song into individual parts. For example, try learning the verse and pre-chorus only, then the chorus, and then the bridge. Once you’ve mastered each section of the song, put it all together! Learning a complex song is made more simple and is easier to follow by learning piece by piece.

Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast

Have you ever caught yourself trying to keep up with a fast tempo and majorly fail to keep up? We’ve all been there. One of the most effective strategies in learning a song, if not the most important, is by slowing down the tempo. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the surest path to being a fast shredding pianist is to practice as slow as you possibly can. So if the song you’re learning has a complex solo, slow it down and try playing it at a very slow tempo. This ensures that your coordination is impeccable, and you’ll have every note down once you crank up the tempo!

Practice Makes Progress

woman with keyboard and guitar at computer Last but not least, practice makes progress. “Practice” can often time be neglected and overlooked, maybe even an eye-roller word. However, there is no way around it. The only way to make any progress and succeed as a musician is by practicing and having patience. It’s essential to be patient with yourself at this step, especially if it is the first or second time you have attempted to play a song with both hands. Like learning any new skill, playing the piano can be challenging at first. But, if you practice patiently, you should be on your way to becoming an incredible piano player!


So, are you ready to begin growing in your piano journey? We hope you enjoyed reading about how to learn new songs on the piano faster! If you’re interested in buying your dream piano to perform with, we can help you. Come check us out at Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin, TN! If you have any questions about where to buy a piano for the best price, we are open! Our hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We are happy to help you in person again, using all the guidelines we have been provided. We are here for you.

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