How To Find Your Piano Musical Style

Finding your unique musical style can be difficult. We've put together this article with a few tips on how to find your piano musical style:

Miller Piano Specialists June 30, 2022 2 Min Read

Finding your musical style as a pianist can be difficult for various reasons. As a musician develops, you are exposed to multiple musical genres, inspiring you to experiment with new sounds and even instruments along the road. All of these are advantageous since they not only push you beyond your comfort zone but also help you learn more about who you are. We’ve put together this article with a few tips on how to find your piano musical style:

Listen to Different Music Genres

Every piano teacher would advise you to listen to various musical genres, and there’s a good reason for that. They do this because they want you to become familiar with multiple musical genres to find your style.

You may begin learning everything there is to know about your preferred genre after you discover what you enjoy. If you selected rock, for instance, you should also research the subgenres that make up the rock musical style. These genres include hard rock, alternative rock, metal, and many more.

Listen to the Songs That You Do and Don’t Enjoy

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Another technique to figure out your musical style is to pay attention to the songs or pieces you particularly enjoy and learn more about the musical preferences of the artists.

Additionally, you analyze the songs that you don’t like so much. Identify the specifics of why you don’t like the song/genre. This could mean that you don’t love the composition, the song’s melody, rhythm, or lyrics. This will assist you in discovering your distinctive musical taste and, ultimately, your unique sound. 

Find Musicians You Admire

You don’t only have to listen to the musicians you like, but you can also learn from them. Of course, not to mimic them, but to study and imitate their musical aesthetic and sound.

As you work to define your style, take inspiration from your heroes and musical influences. You can borrow elements of your favorite artist’s style and adapt them to your musical genre, even if their genre is entirely different from yours.

Practice with Purpose

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Finding your musical style is made simple when you are aware of your mission in life. Your musical journey is vital in helping you to identify your mission, and your purpose is a crucial component in choosing your musical style.

For instance, if your goal is to produce music that will appeal to the modern market, you should consider focusing on the most popular musical genre right now. On the other hand, if your goal is to make music for fun, you should choose an option that matches your musical preferences. Whether it’s from a branding or aesthetic perspective, evaluate your objective and allow it to assist you in figuring out your musical style.


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