How Music Influences Young People

Music has numerous advantages for young people's development, well-being, and character. Here's how music influences young people: 

Miller Piano Specialists March 27, 2022 2 Min Read

Music instruction has numerous advantages for young people’s development, well-being, and character, particularly those who experience challenges. So if you have a child who has an interest in music, we would encourage you to help them grow that passion. Keep reading to learn how music influences young people: 

Music Is Linked to a Higher IQ and Better Grades

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Dr. E. Glenn Schellenberg, a psychologist, published a study in which one set of six-year-olds received voice or piano training while the other waited a year to begin. The experimental group’s IQ increased much more than the control group’s.

Schellenberg followed up with a further study in which he looked at the IQ, grades, and participation in music lessons of additional children. He discovered that six years of music tuition resulted in a 7.5-point rise in IQ. The psychologist also looked at college freshmen and found that individuals who had performed music as youngsters had a minor but significant advantage in IQ, memory, perceptual organization, and higher grades in high school. The link remained strong even after controlling for gender, income, and parental status.

Source: American Psychological Association

Early Childhood Language Development Can Be Helped by Music

A group of three and four-year-old children were given music lessons three times a week in longitudinal research in Puerto Rico, while a control group did not. The researchers regularly assessed the children’s language development, and while both groups progressed, the youngsters who received music instruction fared substantially better.

Source: Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Music Can Aid Language Development in Children

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Lastly, studies have identified a link between music education and young people’s social and emotional development:

  • Piano lessons can boost one’s self-confidence.
  • Children who participate in music groups have more “social capital,” including more communication with parents and teachers.
  • Music programs in schools can benefit disenfranchised adolescents by creating a safe environment, promoting self-esteem, and encouraging leadership, among other things.

Source: National Association for Music Education


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