Features You Will Love on the Yamaha CLP-725

If you know anything about Yamaha pianos, you know they're incomparable. Here are some key features you will love on the Yamaha CLP-725:

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Miller Piano Specialists January 9, 2023 3 Min Read

The Yamaha CLP-725 is a digital piano that is part of Yamaha’s CLP (Clavinova) series. And if you know anything about Yamaha pianos, you know that Yamaha has an incomparable sound. Here are some key features you will love on the Yamaha CLP-725:

Realistic Piano Sounds and More

Yamaha’s CFX concert grand piano sample, which was captured from a genuine Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, is included with the Yamaha CLP-725. This offers a true-to-life and authentic piano sound appropriate for many musical genres.

The Yamaha CLP-725 features various instrument sounds available through the onboard sound library and the piano sound. This comprises instruments that can be used to play a variety of musical styles, such as electric pianos, organs, and strings.

Listen to what the CLP-725 sounds like:

Built-In Recording Function

With the built-in recording feature of the Yamaha CLP-725, users can record their playing and play it back later. This can help with self-improvement and practice. You can utilize the recording feature to capture your playing, listen to it afterward to find areas that need improvement, or just take in your performance.

You must use the onboard recording capability of the Yamaha CLP-725 to use the recording functionality. Usually, you may access this through the onboard display or a related app. By pressing the record button when you’ve gained access to the recording capability, you can start recording your playing. The recording will continue if the stop button is not pressed.

You can review your performance by pressing the play button when you’ve finished recording. If necessary, you can clip or remove portions of the recording using the built-in editing facilities. Overall, the Yamaha CLP-725’s recording feature is a helpful one that can aid in your playing development and help you comprehend your performance.

It Has A Range of Connectivity Options

Various connectivity options on the Yamaha CLP-725 enable it to be utilized with external devices like laptops and cell phones. These connectivity choices consist of the following:

  • The Yamaha CLP-725 has a USB port that can connect the piano to a computer. This can be useful for transferring recordings or using the piano as a MIDI controller.
  • Auxiliary input: The Yamaha CLP-725 has an auxiliary input that allows you to connect external audio devices such as a smartphone or MP3 player. This allows you to play your favorite songs or use the piano as a speaker for other audio sources.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: The Yamaha CLP-725 has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to be paired with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets. This can be useful for wirelessly streaming audio or using the piano with various music apps and software.


Overall, the Yamaha CLP-725 is a high-quality digital piano suitable for musicians of all levels. From its realistic piano sound, its graded hammer action keyboard, and a range of other instrument sounds and connectivity options, we are sure you will love this piano! So, did you love the features on this Yamaha CLP? Buy your very own Yamaha CLP-725 at Miller Piano Specialists.

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