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Travis Mitchell March 21, 2016 2 Min Read

Most people have a specific vision in their head of what they consider a “baby grand piano.” What usually comes to mind is a beautiful and massive instrument featuring exquisite curvature and fine carpentry. However, grand pianos come in all different sizes, and there is no standard set of sizes among manufacturers of the instrument. The term “baby grand” is thrown around loosely to describe this magnificent instrument, but there is truly no common denominator to mark the size that a baby grand piano constitutes. At Miller Piano Specialists, we focus on providing you with a grand piano that best suits your personal needs and living space in Middle Tennessee.

There are several different reasons why one would buy a grand piano. Obviously, concert pianists or professional performers will opt for a grand piano because of the sheer magnitude of sound that emanates from the instrument. But the use of the grand piano extends past the traditional instrumentalist. Non-performers looking for a statement piece of furniture or for a piano that plays itself invest in this gorgeous instrument, as do numerous schools and institutions that feature music programs or concert halls.

In terms of sound quality, the benefits of purchasing a grand piano are enormous. Due to longer strings and a longer soundboard, the player receives a richer and more robust sound from the instrument than they would from a smaller piano. With so many different sizes to choose from, it is simply up to the player to decide how large of a sound they desire and how much space they can afford to accommodate their new instrument.

At Miller Piano Specialists in Middle Tennessee, we carry over forty different types of grand pianos, new and used, making it easy to find the one that suits you best. Since the manufacturers decide the lengths of the pianos they want to make, we offer Yamahas that begin at 5 feet long and extend all the way to nine feet long, the traditional size of the concert grand piano. In order to simplify the process of purchasing your grand piano, we provide customers with “Grand Templates,” or paper cutouts of the piano, to see how varying sizes will fit in their living space. There is an enormous difference between placing a 5’3” Yamaha versus a 7-foot semi-concert or 9-foot concert grand in your living room!

If you are looking for a piano that plays itself, the Yamaha Disklavier is one of the most popular options, commonly featured in opulent halls and elegantly decorated institutions as well as in homes. We also offer a range of digital pianos that are made in a grand size, so you can play with the convenience and technological advancements that accompany the digital world with the classic aesthetics of a baby grand. These options are typically less expensive than the traditional acoustic as well.

For more information on finding the right grand piano in Middle Tennessee, give Miller Piano Specialists a call today!

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